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I love it! I really appreciated the overall mood to the game, the continuity between puzzles, and the sort of lonely freedom I experienced as I slowly made sense of a space that follows different rules. Some of the out-of-bounds problems could have been handled better by making them physically inaccessible instead of resetting the stage, but I imagine designing the puzzles was tricky enough, and they far exceeded my expectations. I would pay a good price for a longer version of this.

Just tried downloading the windows versions of this. The Win.32 appears to work, but I end up with a purple screen. I'm using Vista, so is there a version that works on this? I am happy to donate upon getting a working game.

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Hi, I'm glad for your interest in the game. You may find useful advice in this Hearstone support thread, as both Fragments of Euclid and Hearstone use Unity.

They talk about the pink screen issue, how you can try to update your graphic drivers, and at the very end on the second page, several people mention downloading a file d3d9.dll has solved their issues.

I hope you will be able to play and enjoy the game, let me know if it has worked. And don't worry about the money, donation is totally optional.

Thanks, NuSan. 

I downloaded the d3d9 thing, and tried putting it inside pretty much every folder I could think of, but nothing seemed to happen. Do I need to rename this file, and/or replace an existing file with it? Forcing a command doesn't mean anything to me, I'm afraid.

Hi, the d3d9.dll file should be placed in the folder you put the game, just beside the FragmentsOfEuclid.exe file. For the command, you can try downloading this file I made for you : and put it at the same place (beside FragmentsOfEuclid.exe) and double-click on it. This should launch the game and force using D3D9. But I don't know if it will work and if it don't, I'm out of ideas.


Loved the game - your level design was mind-bending - please make more.

I absolutely loved this. Please make more!


really enjoyable, i love surreal games, proper escapism


One of the greatest games i have ever played!

Thank you for the kind words ! I'm glad you enjoyed the game !

Really love this game, when you combine portal's portal, with Super Mario Galaxy's gravity system, you have a lot of level design creativity. Hopefully a user-customizable level creator in the future was made.

this is awesome, my brain hurt so much!! when i meet euclid i feel my brain just melt or blow out. 

Thanks, I'm glad you like the game !

Very intriguing game!

I found the secret! And I finished the game! It's excellent! :D

WOW, I love the graphics. The game started out to be one complete mind bending trip but then I figured the layout and the clues.

What a fantastic idea,  game and a great sequel.

Here's part 1

Part 2

I will upload a few more parts and let you know when ready.



Hey, I did a YouTube video on this game!I absolutely loved this, but as shown in the video I couldn't get far since I got a tad nauseous.


I'm glad you liked the game ! Regarding the nausea, did you try changing the graphic filter in the options? It may help.

No, but next time I play I will! Thanks!



I want to comment on "Update 1.1 : add a checkpoint and rename another to improve one of the challenge. 1.4 : Rework of almost each puzzle to be a bit more accessible and hint in the correct direction."

specially since it's the second game in a row I came into today with a Patch n. 1.1 made to address this problem.

Fact is, programmers and game makers are so smart that they have a hard time empathizing with the bulk of their player base -- even the player base that interests themselves in a game like this -- when they are faced with the puzzles in their games.

We see this all through the first decade, and maybe the second too, of PC games, when the PC world was insular, and (I am thinking of the 1980-1990 span of time, mostly) those who played the games were much alike those who made them. Think of adventure games dating to that period. 
We stopped seeing it when games became an "industry": salespeople and marketing folks made sure to enlighten game designers about the abilities of most players.  (Granted, the most talented players find such games almost offensive, but they have no weight in the sales charts, have they.)

Nowadays we meet with such a problem (too tough condundrums) only in Indie games, made by programmers who, for the most part, are used to talk and deal only with other programmers, and with, well, their programming tools.

Then poor sales and people's complaints come, and 1.1 hardship-watering patches along with those.
But I say: why not do what they did with The Last Express' Steam port? eave your creation as you felt it had to be originally, just add a 3-tier help system.

When the player is at the end of their wits and wants to chuck the towel in, he/she asks for the first, more indirect, hint. If they wont more help, they click again, and grade-2 hint comes. And a third click delivers the straight solution.
This is the system that, while it leaves authors free to be themselves 100%, matches the needs of as wide a player base as possible. 
Why so few games have it, I wonder.

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I suppose I might as well post this here, considering how AMAZING the game was. Had a lot of fun, despite some confusion about a few levels.

This is so cool! This is one of those puzzle games that takes a simple concept, and uses it to make you think in a totally different way! (Also it's a total mindf*ck in some places and I love it!)

Awesome !!! great job, I enjoyed the game a lot ! 

Loved the game! The 3D movements seemed a bit slow on the acceleration and made me a bit motion sick but other than that a great intuitive concept that was really fun! Thanks for the game!

Great game, finished it quite quickly. The transitions are seamless and the game works great on Arch.

Fantastic!  Challenging enough to be entertaining and a good workout for the brain, but not too challenging as to be frustrating.  Well done!  Played through on Kubuntu Linux 17.04 and enjoyed it thorougly.  I very much hope for a sequel, or expansion.


Thank you, I'm glad you liked the game. It's also great to see someone playing the linux version. I'm working on an expansion, but it will take some times to be finished.

Wonderful.  Looking forward to it.  Always loved games that make you think and give the brain a little workout.  :)


just played through-- really awesome! enjoyed it thoroughly. I actually found the first challenge to be the toughest for some reason, with the remaining 3 being of moderate difficulty.

if I could leave two pieces of criticism, it would be:

  • transitions after a level/challenge ends. it could have been as easy as having 'one way' doors that shoot you back into the transfer area. it was kind of neat to be able to come out on top of the challenge you had just beat, but it's not entirely clear where to go / how to get back, and specifically after the 'Rising' challenge, I had to repeat several times simply because I was getting out of bounds and reset.
  • the SFX for the voice needs to refactor. the slowed down audio doesn't really come off as creepy or mystical to me, I just hear really slowed down garbled audio. but maybe I'm just nitpicking.

I seriously loved playing through this brief game though. it really was enjoyable and challenging in just the right ways. great use of spacial mechanics, will definitely recommend this to my friends :)

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you liked the game.

I like the idea of seeing the room from above after you solve it. Like if you got to see behind the scene of a room you may had trouble with., and suddenly it seem so simple. But it's true that it doesn't really play well with the resetting system. The idea was also to let you figure out you had to go back to the transfert area.

Sound effects is an area I should definitely improve. It could add more atmosphere a immersion.

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My mind is now broken, thank you for this


I like this game very much!!!

More  - pleeaaaaaaseee!!!!

Could you create an "Are you sure?" prompt when a user clicks New Game? I accidentally overwrote my save while navigating the main menu.

Sorry you are right, I didn't think about that. My plan (when I expend the game) is to add profiles, like having 3 slots of save, so several people can play without losing their progress. For the current game, you can go back pretty fast once you know how to solve the puzzle, so I hope it is not too bad.

I realized it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but would still be nice to have a prompt to prevent an accidental overwrite. Thanks so much for your response! The game is still very solid in gameplay and is something I would recommend to friends!

Is it possible to get motion sickness from a game? I've never had that happen to me before but well done all the same :)

Sorry for that, you can change the visual style in the option for something less strong. The strong contrast of the game may also be a part of the problem, if you play in a dark room.

Low Field of View settings, especially on widescreen monitors, can absolutely give you motion sickness. Look up "simulation sickness" for more details on how it happens. Things like motion blur and head bob while walking can make it worse.

Unfortunately, from the multiple people reporting nausea playing this game it looks like I won't be able to play it unless the dev decides to look into those issue. A shame, since it looks really interesting.

There is no head bob or motion blur, but the FOV is 60 degrees, which is probably too low. I put a "dot" on the center of the screen to help with the motion sickness, but I didn't think about adjusting the FOV. I will try to make a new version with an option to tweak it freely between 60 and 90 degrees, and see if it helps. So thanks for your comment, it's very helpful, let me know if you have other tricks that could help.

I uploaded a new version (1.4c) with an option to tweak the field of view freely between 60 and 90 degrees. I hope it helps. Let me know if you play the game and have any remarks.


Really astounding game. Well done. Gorgeous visuals, beautiful music and trippy mechanics. The puzzles definitely stumped me, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Super game, congratulations :-)


This was so much fun and so trippy! I had a lot of fun figuring out the puzzles and the overall logic of the game. I hope you don't mind but I made a gameplay video for it on my small channel and I would really appreciate it if you checked it out when you had the time! Thank you for creating such a mind bending game! 

Thank you for the video, it was great seeing you play the game and I'm glad you liked it. I was surprised when you did some creative parkour in the first challenge room that I didn't know could be done. Keep up the good work.

Of course! And yeah, haha I guess there more than one way to solve the challenges.

The voice scares me. Is he going to jumpscare me? :(

Hi, it is not a scary game, even is the mood is a bit creepy. So dont worries, no jumpscare in sight.

Phew! You didn't lie to me!

I found the secret area! Good work! Have you taken a look at Antichamber? It's a similar game in concept, and has many branching paths and secret areas

Glad you liked the game. I like Antichamber a lot, and the way you have to slowly find your way and understand the mechanics is verry good. 

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I reallly really really want to play this game but all that happens when I start playing is I look up and start spinning. I've had this problem before with other games and it either had to do with me needing to restart my computer or the engine. But I just restarted my computer and I played some other unity games and they worked fine. If I could get some help to play this Id really appreciate it. Ok I tried changing the inputs to prevent this but I only made it worse and there is no reset default controls so I just deleted the files and redownloaded them but the awful controls I put on there still persist. How is that even possible? where are these configurations being stored? Why are there 3 fire buttons why can I set the controls for the X and Y 4 different times then another 4 times for a secondary controller? Why isn't there a way I can disable a button input all together? 


Hi, I'm very sorry for those controls issues. Usually, it is caused by a gamepad, a joystick or some other device acting as one. You can try to unplug those. One player had an issue with an old 3D mouse driver, that he needed to uninstall to make it works. Another one unistalled  VJoy, which is a virtual controller software. 

To reset the custom inputs you may have entered, you have to delete them in the registery, To do it easily, you can use the following command line: reg delete "HKCU\Software\NuSan\Fragments of Euclid" /f

If you don't know how to enter a command line, you can also download the following file and execute it :

I hope you will be able to play. I should make a new version with an option to disable gamepad controls, as you are not the first to have issues with it.

I tried unplugging all my USB devices to no effect. Eventually I got the game to work by guess and checking the inputs. Although I was never able to disable a controller input I was able to over ride it with a controller that uses Xinput. Although I didn't have any devices plugged in I do think I have Vjoy drivers because when I use my GCNUSBFeeder (Gamecube controller driver) it registers the gamecube controllers as Vjoy devices. Im not sure the problem I was having is the Vjoy driver's fault or this game's. But I was able to twist the game's arm by setting up the most ridiculous control scheme, I've got all the primarary and secondary inputs to match where they could then the xbox controller inputs the same as the Playsations... then any input I wanted to disable I just set to O... its a disaster. But I got it to work. I haven't finished the demo yet but from what I have seen I absolutely love it! I love spacial reasoning games and Escher is my favorite artist. Portal, Antichamber, TRI: Of Friendship and Madness, Puzzle Dimension, are all great but Back to Bed, Monument Valley/Evo Explores, and Echo chrome go one step further in the Escher direction but with this game and Manifold Garden coming out soon I think I will have the Escher exploratory game I've always wanted. Oh then there is that one level in Dream that I have a feeling you might have played because it is probably implemented the same way. I remember playing that level and wishing there was a whole game that was like that and now there is! Thank you so much for making this masterpiece. I will definitely purchase the final version I love it so much. That being said, I found the filters very annoying. Thanks for including a thing to change that setting but even with fixed noise I don't think it is a good artistic choice. I'd rather just turn it off entirely. If you wanted to include that handdrawn game feel I recommend applying it to the textures rather than the camera, but dont apply it uniformly use it more heavily on object that should be darker or out of focus. It would also be dope if you included curved surfaces that you can walk on to change gravity. I saw a halfpipe thing leading up a wall and I was like "Oh shit here we go this game is gunna be crazy!" then I just walked up to the wall without changing gravity. But other than that your level design is amazing both from a visual and puzzle perspective, keep up the good work!

I'm really glad you found a way to make it work, and I hope you will like the game. Thanks for the game you suggested, as I didn't know about Dream, Puzzle dimension or Back to bed. I should play them, they seems verry interesting. I'm looking forward for Manifold Garden, but also "Museum of Simulation Technologies" and I'm working on a sequel, and your remarks tell me that I should add more exploration phases, as there is not that much in the current game. Anyway, thanks for your feedback.

idk If I'd recommend dream. It would be a really great game if they finished it but it doesn't feel finished at all. I haven't finished the game yet but I don't think there is more game to finish. Either that or the puzzle I'm supposed to be solving isn't apparent at all and there have been some previous puzzles in the game that are so obscure it isn't fair and I had to look them up. So here is a video of the room I was referencing . It works just like your game. I do highly recommend playing puzzle dimension though I think you should use it as an inspiration for how you can play with gravity. Although I haven't finished the demo yet from what I have played (first 2 levels) you have a nice ratio of puzzle to exploration. I like how there are totally optional paths that don't have puzzles that you can just get lost in if you want. I'm probably an anomaly when it comes to this but if the game were just a giant maze with no real goal other than to explore it I would be totally fine with just being lost in an Escher painting for a whole day with no sense of direction. But I think most people would think that is a mean thing to do game design wise. I haven't heard of "Museum of simulation technologies" but I played a game with the same exact game mechanic that took a much more simplistic art direction using solid shapes and colors, for all I know it was the same game in its very infancy. I couldn't find it but it was playable in browser. I haven't heard of depictura but it is a very unique premise and it looks like every ounce of potential is squeezed out of it. You said you are working on a sequel are you saying that you made depictura? in which case bravo looks amazing but I cant find how to buy it and if you are working on a sequel I'd recommend making sure people can buy the original first

Yeah, it seems like Dream is a bit too obscure, but the Escher level seems fun, maybe a bit too exploratory. I resisted to put a way to directly change walls like in Puzzle Dimension, to really put the portals to good use. But it's true that seeing the gravity change directly can be more visually strong, so I will keep that in mind. When I was talking about a sequel, it was a sequel to what is actually Fragments of Euclid, continuing the story and adding more interesting ideas around space. DePictura is not done yet and is made by @YannickGero, but I played a bit at an Indiecade and it was really promising. I know of a game similar to "museum of simulation technologies", it's from a Ludum Dare : and it was a fun concept. I also played Disoriented on steam, which is nice but a bit too simple. If you like wandering around, NaissanceE is great, but less about mindbending spaces. Antichamber is still the best example of that, even if it's more about puzzles than exploring impressive spaces.

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Yes this was totally mind bending and I have updated my gameplay of this.  Its a lot harder than it looks but still fun.  5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

This game is so fun to play and mind bending. Please continue it! :)

This is the most mind-bending game I have ever played! 10/10! The Art style is amazing, the gameplay is fun and from the first puzzle, I knew I was into something great!

One of the five games selected for this video. Enjoy ! 



I would like to apply the "free price" for my own website but after many research, I definitly don't find a appropriate and available system or plugin.

I really like your "free price" interface and I wonder if there is a plugin that you could advise me?

I hope my request is not too rude.

Thanks and sorry for my poor English...!


Hi, the selling interface is not my own but the one from If you want to sell a game, or even books, comics ... you can publish it on, and you can then get a code to embed it on your web page, so people can buy directly from your website, using system. You can checkout this page for more informations :

Ok, thanks a lot for youre answer ^^

Woooah. This game was amazing!

At first I wasn't quite sure what I was doing but after a while I got a hang of it and it was so enjoyable. The audio was really good. The graphics looked really good and they were probably the reason I downloaded this. It reminded me a little bit of Portal too which also attracted me to it. 

I really liked the way there were 4 places to go to with their own sets of puzzles to go through. I was kind of weirded out at how we are literally a tentacle monster/ jellyfish but it was really neat how we weren't just a head or invisible and that we could actually see ourselves. I also found the transfering from one puzzle to another really clever, even though I didn't quite understand what it was for at the start. 

I really do hope you make more puzzle games like these since this one was really enjoyable but I found it a little short for this type of game, 

Thank you for creating this wonderful game! I will be expecting more great games from you!

Thanks you for your kind comments, I'm glad you liked it. I work on a follow up to the game, and even if it's taking more time that I wanted to, I hope it will be as good.

Hey man, I remember playing a game that was very similar to this in a recent LudumDare jam. Is this an expanded version of a submission to, if I remember correctly, LD37?


Yes it is ! It's based on the same ideas than but with complete new puzzles and spaces to explore.

The original Ludum Dare submission is here :

A end to a puzzling adventure!

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