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Visually this is very stunning and also so cool to roam around in these twisty spaces!

I realllly wish that there weren't any barriers or random resets. I'm sure they were very thought out for making the puzzles work but I feel like it really undersells what makes these spaces really fun. The euclidean space becomes more of a backdrop for the puzzles than the other way around.

I want to explore and break everything and mess up the puzzles because i came at it the wrong angle and just wander around and get lost and..I really like the game I just wish there was more freedom.

Also yay I get to be a floating energy jellyfish. :3

Hi, I'm glad you liked the game! And yeah, you are totally right, I would have loved to not have the resets, they feel really bad. But they are useful for the puzzle to work, like you said, and also to help players not get too lost and frustrated when they fall somewhere. I know some players love to loose themselves in those kind of environments, so I wish I found a better middle ground, but I didn't have the energy at the time. If you did not play the prototype "non euclidean room" I made before this game you should give it a try, it's super short but there is no artificial barriers and there is cool details to find in the scenery. And yeah, I love seeing my little jellyfish jiggling around through the portals :)

Yeah it seems like it'd be a hard balance to pull off! It does help with the puzzles for sure and I cant imagine what sorta mess id be in without the barriers to reign me in some haha.

I'll be sure to check out 'non euclidean room' O: thanks!

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Just registered to say that I agree with Obippo, this needs to be on steam! I'd pay for it even to add it to my library.




Loved the art style and concept of the game. That gravity bridge/rising level was simply brilliant. Really looking forward to the full release:)


please, steam release! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Very bad game, the mouse keeps moving on its own to the top left, i am not the only one to have that problem, please fix it. Like seriously ?? 


I'm sorry you have this bug, it's usually an issue with a gamepad issuing bad directions (try to unplug any) or someone reported having to uninstall an old mouse driver that was at fault


Quick reminder that has bugs does not equal bad software, or else, every single program in existence would be "bad".


I would love to see more set in this world/with this game engine! The perspectives are mind bending but your level design is great for guiding me through once I engage with the chaos head-on.


This has always been one of my favorite games ever, because it is both masterfully simple and mind-boggingly complex.

Another game set in this world/with the same or similar mechanics would make me super happy, but we shouldn't rush master NuSan. If he makes a new game, it'll have to be because he wants to, so that it gets the love it deserves.

Great game. I suck at puzzle games though. It took me like 10 minutes to realise the tentacled thing I was chasing was me lol. 

That was super fun and I really loved the puzzles, I hope you make a sequel !

Thanks for this game, it was fun.
Compared to other games of the genre, a bit rough, without enough tutorial puzzles, but nonetheless doable

I'll go pay for the game now, and hope you'll be able to continue on this kind of games.

11/10 Kinda sad it ended so soon but the way the game works is really cool.


this is amazing

One of the latest Unity games to work on my system. And it is a very good game. What version of Unity is being used? 5.4.1?

I'm glad it work for you, is it newer Unity versions that doesn't work? as far as I remember this is using version 5.5.3f1

Instead of a version issue, there is also the choice of rendering pipeline used by the game (urp, srp, built_in, hdrp) that can have a big impact on compatibility, my game use built-in I think, so the oldest one

Thank you for the information.

Kind regards

This game is amazing and beautiful! The puzzles are confusing and simple at the same time. 

The end really caught me off guard lol

I ♥ this game

omg soooo fun i love this game 1000000/10 love it

This game is BEAUTIFUL and it was a pleasure to play; I don't usually play puzzle games, but this game has given me a complete 180 on my prior thoughts of puzzle games. Something about mind-bendy non-euclidean space games appeal to me a lot, and I really wish there were a sequel to this, since it was so enjoyable :((

I plan to include this on a compilation of brief game reviews on my channel!


Thank you for the video, it was pretty cool to watch how you figured out the puzzles, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

I thoroughly-enjoyed your work, and this is going down as one of my favorites :) so thank YOU!


I'm a huge fan of geometric art and Escher in particular, I also love B&W and Greyscale. So this is perfect. It runs beautifully on my MBP as well. Huge kudos for this beautiful artwork.

amazing game, beautifully executed. puzzles are super confusing while being somehow simple.

"You got lost too far" engrish

this was a very cool game, I am a bit dumb when it comes to puzzles but with this one i only needed little bit of help, love the art style and puzzles themselves, can't wait to see more!

gorgeous mind bending game

This was absolutely amazing I've always wanted to see what a non-Euclidian game would be like i was always just felt like there was something watching me 10 out of 10 love it

You played Manifold Garden? It's game with simalar concept of non-Eucliudian geometry. I recommend, it's longer and more complex.

ok does it cost money?

Yes, one developer with small help of others made it in 2012-2019 time span

I really enjoyed Manifold Garden, and it was my first thought when I tried this game.

If you want something similiar that is also free, there is Frame of Mind

There is also Antichamber to try, through Steam.


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When will the next part be? I LOVE THE GAME!!!! My favorite level/challenge/whatever you want to call it is the tower. The level with the infinity hallway followed by an infinity hexagon room. I also unlocked the secret level. I've played the game about 1,000 times since I downloaded it. Is there a way to be up to date with news about this game and any more developments?  First two or four times I played this AWESOME game, I had to look up tutorials on YouTube on how to beat the levels. 


I'm glad you like the game, it's always great to know my work is appreciated! I did about half the work on a next part but unfortunately it was too much pressure for me so I paused the development several years  ago. I hope I can get back to it eventually but I can't make any promises :(


I had a blast playing this through, puzzles are my jam and I need to find more of these!!

it was super fun to see you going through the game, thank you for playing!

Oh thank you so much!  I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)


im having a proplem with the mouse it just looks up can any1 help

I have the same problem and it's not something about my pc, it only does that on this game... 

Very fun and interesting game.


Okay, that was friggen cool. Nice job team.

I'm going to basically reiterate what I said about the the prequel Non-Euclidian Rooms:

This game is amazing, mind-bending, and all around a good puzzle game that keeps you focused on smaller challenges while warping your reality. You go into a door upright and come out the other end across the room, sideways with your mind asking how you got there, and that's alright by me!

My Playthrough:


absolutely amazing, my head hurts. 15/10


I love this game. Could you add lever builder mode so I can build my own level worlds?


great work
 i find out this way in "the meeting" puzzle


Awsome  game!

Gotta play this game
also I'd want to unironically fr live in this house
or/and be trapped as of an Escape Room in a huge room labyrinth with walls such like these in your game!

Loved the aesthetics of this! And it took me quite a while before I knew what I was supposed to do.
One thing though, and it might be me missing something crucial, but I would love for the game to save my progress (or an option to save manually). After a lot of progress, if you accidentally fall, it throws you back to a certain point saying "you got lost too far" and then you have to redo all your progress. I was almost at the end (I think), but when this happened, I lost my motivation to finish the game.
The only other thing I could wish for here is an option to rotate my point of view with the keyboard, so as to not have to use both keyboard and mouse. Alternatively, an option to navigate/walk with the mouse!
But all in all it was amazing and really clever!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the game!
There is checkpoints before/after each puzzle so you should never lost much progress. At one point, there are things you can do in different order but they are also saved. The "you got lost too far" can be annoying, sorry for that, it brings you back to your last checkpoint and in the "hub" section it's frustrating.

Thank you for the suggestion about a mouse-only mode, it's a good point and I will keep it in mind if I ever come back to update this game

Thanks for the reply! I'm  at least glad for those checkpoints.  I'll probably come back to the game and finish it some day soon, was just a bit taken aback yesterday. ;)

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