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Fragments of Euclid is a game about exploring and solving puzzle in a mind-bending environment inspired by M.C. Escher. Enjoy the peaceful mood while trying to understand this strangely connected world.

The game is about 45 minutes long and save your progress. I want to add more content to the game in the future. With new mechanics, puzzle, more story ...

If the graphic style is too strong for your confort, you can switch it in the option menu.

Updates : 1.1 : add a checkpoint and rename another to improve one of the challenge. 1.4 : Rework of almost each puzzle to be a bit less frustrating and hint in the correct direction. 1.4c : Add option to change the Field of View between 60 and 90 degrees.

The game is based upon the short prototype "Non Euclidean Room" that I made during a Ludum Dare. You can play it there : nusan.itch.io/non-euclidean-room

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Mar 03, 2017
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Atmospheric, Dark, Exploration, First-Person, mind-bending, Non violent, Puzzle-Platformer
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles


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fragments-of-euclid-win.zip 55 MB
Version 1.4c
fragments-of-euclid-win32.zip 54 MB
Version 1.4c
fragments-of-euclid-linux.zip 68 MB
Version 1.4c
fragments-of-euclid-osx.zip 70 MB
Version 1.4c
FoE_SoundTrack.zip 8 MB

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gorgeous mind bending game

This was absolutely amazing I've always wanted to see what a non-Euclidian game would be like i was always just felt like there was something watching me 10 out of 10 love it

You played Manifold Garden? It's game with simalar concept of non-Eucliudian geometry. I recommend, it's longer and more complex.

ok does it cost money?

Yes, one developer with small help of others made it in 2012-2019 time span

through expression of favoritism imitation the exploration wanders among impressive compulsion

lines illusion form disjointed expansion into occurance of egress passing to rigorous shape





When will the next part be? I LOVE THE GAME!!!! My favorite level/challenge/whatever you want to call it is the tower. The level with the infinity hallway followed by an infinity hexagon room. I also unlocked the secret level. I've played the game about 1,000 times since I downloaded it. Is there a way to be up to date with news about this game and any more developments?  First two or four times I played this AWESOME game, I had to look up tutorials on YouTube on how to beat the levels. 


I'm glad you like the game, it's always great to know my work is appreciated! I did about half the work on a next part but unfortunately it was too much pressure for me so I paused the development several years  ago. I hope I can get back to it eventually but I can't make any promises :(


I had a blast playing this through, puzzles are my jam and I need to find more of these!!

it was super fun to see you going through the game, thank you for playing!

Oh thank you so much!  I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

im having a proplem with the mouse it just looks up can any1 help

Very fun and interesting game.


Okay, that was friggen cool. Nice job team.

I'm going to basically reiterate what I said about the the prequel Non-Euclidian Rooms:

This game is amazing, mind-bending, and all around a good puzzle game that keeps you focused on smaller challenges while warping your reality. You go into a door upright and come out the other end across the room, sideways with your mind asking how you got there, and that's alright by me!

My Playthrough:


absolutely amazing, my head hurts. 15/10


I love this game. Could you add lever builder mode so I can build my own level worlds?


great work
 i find out this way in "the meeting" puzzle


Awsome  game!

Gotta play this game
also I'd want to unironically fr live in this house
or/and be trapped as of an Escape Room in a huge room labyrinth with walls such like these in your game!

Loved the aesthetics of this! And it took me quite a while before I knew what I was supposed to do.
One thing though, and it might be me missing something crucial, but I would love for the game to save my progress (or an option to save manually). After a lot of progress, if you accidentally fall, it throws you back to a certain point saying "you got lost too far" and then you have to redo all your progress. I was almost at the end (I think), but when this happened, I lost my motivation to finish the game.
The only other thing I could wish for here is an option to rotate my point of view with the keyboard, so as to not have to use both keyboard and mouse. Alternatively, an option to navigate/walk with the mouse!
But all in all it was amazing and really clever!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the game!
There is checkpoints before/after each puzzle so you should never lost much progress. At one point, there are things you can do in different order but they are also saved. The "you got lost too far" can be annoying, sorry for that, it brings you back to your last checkpoint and in the "hub" section it's frustrating.

Thank you for the suggestion about a mouse-only mode, it's a good point and I will keep it in mind if I ever come back to update this game

Thanks for the reply! I'm  at least glad for those checkpoints.  I'll probably come back to the game and finish it some day soon, was just a bit taken aback yesterday. ;)


nice game when i heard euclid i thought it was a scp game but its nice

I loved this game! I'm just wondering, is there a sequel that's been created?

This game is awesome! It really gets the brain working. It's also cool that we look like jellyfish.

I LOVE IT, made my brain hurt but i did it


Wonderful game! Remainds of Portal.

Amazing, just AMAZING! I love games that take place in non-Euclidean spaces, and this was AWESOME! It also gives a lot of freedom to the player, and I spent an hour or so exploring the different gravity directions in the first room before finally finding a way to cheese it! 10 out of 10, literally epic. You absolutely nailed the aesthetics too, and the fact that you could set the FOV to 90 and turn the filter to noise made it so great and playable! And the secret "Non-Euclidean Room" was just plain rad. You should definitely create more games that take place in non-Euclidean spaces! 


I LOVE THIS GAME!! I love the tower level.

Love it


This is amazing, How do you plan to make the full game? Are you going on kickstarter?

This game is a piece of art, thanks really.


Amazing artwork, did you do it by yourself?


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Pretty nice this game. I just couldn't on the laser was in upside-down statue and I tried so much Any spot we can't reach the lever.

The third part and last one(fourth) I bring here as soon as possible. But those are done. Just upload them and paste here. Maybe I doing something wrong, just one single box and that upside-down statue hum... I cannot reach that lever anyway. hahahahaha But I loved the game, I liked the protagonist character being a sort of tentacle alien and not human being (original idea). Another original idea is that multiverse three dimensions Genial! Wicked truly. I liked that idea when we walking around and watch some door or windows from same dimension but in opposite positions and locations e can see us ourselves passing through there as well we seeing our past and our future, but in real time motion. Very cool. Congratulations and sorry about my weak english. Greetings from Brazil and as soon as possible I will upload here that couple parts left. If you make some more games in this style or some continuation I will plays and bring here either. Very very good. :)

Was gonna try speed running it but the competition is too heavy... they pretty much got it down.


Great game, pitty it has only like 15 minutes of gameplay. But i liked it.

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fifteen minutes when you did yet play before. At first time you might missing much more time in.


Great game, the meeting and the run XD
If it wasn't for the names I totally wouldn't have solved them XD


The "Gravity bridge" was really hard.

So there is a sense of accomplishment.   It was fun!


HOLY SHIT WAS THIS AMAZING!!!! feelingg like my brain just exploded would love to see more of this game nusan

Out of curiosity, would you consider putting this game on a standard console?

I could consider putting Fragments of Euclid on console but only if I put more content in it, right now it's a bit short I think.

Loved it! 

im stuck on "lone cube"-or whatever its called.is there a specific order to completing it

Hello! "Lone cube" can be a bit hard. You can return back to "transfert" if you want and there is other puzzles you can access from there. To solve "Lone cube", you first have to open the gate beyond the little bridge. The switch to open it just above it, behind another gate you have maintain open while dropping the cube through another door. If this doesn't help, here is a walkthrough you can look at:

I had found the solution about 20 minutes after i posted the comment, but i forgot to delete it sorr

No problem, I'm glad you found the solution solution, have a nice game!


HOLY SHIT MY BRAIN HAS MELTED THANK YOU SO MUCH! Damn this is an amazing game that had me questioning my very existence! I don't even know how you come up with these puzzles at all but they work so well and have a new aspect intruduced at every corner. Plus the ambience and unsettling sounds really set the mood and made everything feel like it was off and that something was gonna big is gonna happen in the end. And boy did it!


I really loved it, super clever and mind bending puzzle mechanics, I felt lost more than once! But it all comes together quite nicely! You can be proud, I love how this looks and the ambiance it has, very otherworldly, and that Euclid in the end xD

Would buy a full version of it!

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