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Enjoyed Antichamber and Portal/ Never played them but would enjoy journeying around some spatially special places? Then you should check out Fragments of Euclid!

A playthrough of ~ half the game is included below for your viewing pleasure:

Also if people are interested in this type of puzzler be sure to keep an eye out for Miegakure and Manifold Garden, which should both be coming out in the near future :)

first video I made of this

second one is this

had fun and wish for more in the future

I love this game! It looks so cool and handels well, even though you keep twisting and turning. It's such a good puzzle game with an amazing twist. I really hope you guys will make more games like this!

I saw Fragments of Euclid pop up on earlier this week, and it immediately cauught my attention because of the MC Esher style, and how you could tell that it messes with the player's perspective. I never expected it to be THIS involved and detailed. I only got tripped up at one point, but eventually I made it all the way through. I can't wait to see/play more! Thank you! I hope you enjoy the playthrough I recorded too! :)

Эта игра заставляет запутаться в пространстве!

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Covered this game on my game and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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I remember growing up and losing myself in M.C. Eshers' work. Now I get to walk around in it?? Unbelievable! Totally love this. Below you'll find the intro to my Fragments of Euclid series. I will be doing two more episodes.
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Great game!

My only irk is that all through the game it's telling me "DO NOT EXPLORE THE MAP! RESET!", and then, in credits, it's telling me "LOL m8 you didn't explore map enough to find the secret place!". (If I at least had Quick Save/Quick Load, like in Portal, I would consider finding it, but without it, I'm not going to subject myself in constant forced resets)

Yes you are quite right, it's definitely something I need to work on. It was difficult letting the player explore without cheating on the puzzle. Plus sometimes people would lost themselves by falling off the path, and would not have the reflex to reset manually.

Where is the 'update 1.4b: added a talala,fixed talala', you just released it and nothing?oh nooooonononono im not a game developer but thats not gud

Well, 1.4b only fix some rare glitch when taking portals sideways (and yes, it could be used for speedrunning ^^). I should maybe put the release note somewhere else and put a link to it, as I don't want spoilers in the description of the game.

hey it was pretty awesome game :D beautiful for sure

heres the thing

check museum of simulation technology

maybe you use its mechanic in sequel?


Thank you. Museum of simulation technology looks really awesome. It remind me of this excellent Ludum Dare game :

Not sure if I want to go that way yet ^^

tales of scale was a bit of a struggle for me xD idk why. anyways thanks for making this amazing game pal ^^ keep up the good work

I really liked the aesthetics to this game! It's so awesome and challenging, but not frustrating. Would definitely recommend it!

It's so easy to get lost in the world of illusions! I spent atleast 20 minutes on the first puzzle haha! Absolutely fantastic game, definitely going to do another episode on it! The answer was so simple yet so difficult.. i need to open my mind.

Here's my little lets play if you're interested in it.


Really cool, loved the atmosphere. The surrealism and pleasant loneliness of exploration plus some of the tunes made me think of TRI, another first person puzzle with a definite dreamy aesthetic.


Thank you for the kind words. TRI seems really interesting, I need to check it out. Right now I'm playing Kairo, which have great moods.

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This really is a great game and if you need some help with any of the levels you can always check out this video!

I love the puzzels in this game. It reminds me of portal! Keep up the good work.

Recorded a quick video of your game, love these king of puzzle games! Keep it up!

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Hello! I loved your game, it was wonderfully designed and had interesting puzzles. I'm glad you want to make more of this as it's a very cool idea and I'm looking forward to what you do with it! I've made two episodes of this and you can find the first one here~

Thanks, it was really fun seeing you play. I love how you got totally lost in the "mirror palace" section.

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Haha yeah if I'm good for being entertaining in one way it's getting lost! I'm glad you enjoyed it, the second part will be out tomorrow if you want to see me get totally lost again! :D

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this game is WAY better than portal x)

because it has more ways of solving the puzzles!

watch this speedrun!!!!1!1!only 3 minutes!!1!

Loved this game a lot. Reminds me of portal in the way that the puzzles work. This was one of the more challenging puzzles games that I have played.


I really enjoyed the art style in this, and the design was absolutely gorgeous! I was a bit too stupid to complete everything in one playthrough though, but I will go back to it myself to finish it =)

Awesome stuff, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

A mind bending first person puzzle game, with a beautiful and unique aesthetic.

Purely for comical posting, but regardless it is a GREAT GAME! I loved the atmosphere and the puzzles. Always liked M.C Esher's work!

You captured the essence of the game, great !

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trust me, I love it, dude! I'm gonna post real gameplays of it tomorrow, I swear!


This game made my brain really melt on some puzzles ! great job !
I definitely gonna follow for the sequel(s) !! ( Maybe for the next game a voice actor ? that would be pretty cool ! if you cannot find one ill be in for it :D )

You owe me a new brain... My old one melted D:

Seriously though. I loved this game. The impossible geometry and portally stuff is great! Reeeeally well done!

Uno de los mejores juegos hechos en unity. Un gameplay de este estupendo juego, espero lo disfruten :3 !!

How would I know if I complete a room?

when you light the laser the puzzle/room is done :D

This game is amazing. The puzzles using simple concepts of moving blocks were made complex through the use of gravity and I love it.

Just want to say well done to the developers of this game! It is an absolute pleasure to play and so satisfying when you finally work out the solution!

my game doesnt launch says: An error occured while launching Fragments of Euclid

Its last words were: spawn UNKNOWN

can anyone help please? creator plz :c

Sorry if the game doesn't work for you. What is your configuration ? Are you on Windows, and what version ?

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windows 7 ultimate x86 2048video ram 32bit screen 60hz 2.60GHz nvidia gt9500 e5300 pentium (R) dual-core cpu

i just saw that it needs x64 os :/ oh well lifes going thx for help anyways )))


I just uploaded a win 32 version, let me know if it solved your issue ! Hope it will.

no issues working perfectly thanks ^^

but the game is a bit creepy for me :D


I'm glad you can play it ! The game has no jump-scare so it should not become too scary ...

Whoa! Fantastic work, first rooms are really challenging. :)

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I'm stuck after the first laser. I managed to walk on the wall structures and get in a different orientation near the statue but then the game does not allow me to make the long jump without a forced reset. Apart from this, legit good.

Also, say hello to Cthulhu:

I got it!

Nice, good job !

What a journey! Can't believe I completed it, 'twas a very nice ride.

Love the art style and the concept, a bit confusing but it's so well put together, and I believe it was really hard to create and program these puzzles, so congrats on that :D

I made a video walkthrough:

if you want to check, best of luck for continuing the project, hopefully my brain will bear the new challenge, cheers!

It was great watching you playing. Plus you found the intended way to solve each puzzle ! Thank you for the video.

You're welcome, thank you for making the game :)

Are we allowed to record this game and upload it to YouTube?

Yes of course ! There should not be any copyright issue on the music as it has been created for this game. Let me know if you make something cool !

this game is genius, I adore puzzle games and this is at the top of my list of favorites. Played till I was exhausted so addictive

Like the prototype, technically impressive and cool, but this actually gave me a slight headache and other vertigo like problems that I also experience with VR. Player beware.


Nice game. You should definitely make a sequel with that idea. The puzzles were quite hard, but you eventually figure them out. A few more tutorial levels couldn't hurt though.

Well done :)

Anyone have any idea where the "secret place" is?

No idea. The game really isn't a "free explore" game, with all the invisible walls and "you done bad" teleports. I searched for the "secret place" for as long as the game took me (about 20 minutes) and I didn't find anywhere interesting.

Sorry for the forced reset. Hint for the secret place : it's before the big open room.

I got so lost for about 5 minutes, but I found it! Love the place, though it wasn't as hard to get to the end as I thought it might be originally.

Fantastic work NuSan. A+ game!

Very cool demo! Stuck on the lone cube section, will give it another go later. Something about the font doesn't quite fit, think it needs to be more modern. Would be nice to have an option to have plain graphics with no sketch/noise filters, options are good although the sketch filter looks awesome.

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