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I love puzzle games and played a lot of them, but this one is quite special. Really good level design and mechanics and physics. Especially the "dropping cubes on the floor to use them as a staircase in other perspective" is pretty neat. Compared to Etherborn (finished it yesterday) or games like Bridge or Antichamber, this is easily my favourite and one of the best designed I played on itch so far. Hope to see more of your work and from this game!

Seeing the character model for the first time scared me, but as I kept looking at at its a really neat design.


The level design is really good. Sent you money for this ;)

I love this game!

good game but damn this gave me a headache

what a great time! absolutely looking forward to more of your work

NuSan, (if you're reading this) would you be able to post the code in a git repo? I'm very curious as to how you handle the odd physics, and I would love to be able to check out your code! 

Also, this is by far the coolest non-euclidean game I've seen so far! 

:o ♥

Great game!


Your game still is so fun to play!

Hoping for more soon


I'm still hoping you'll develop this into a full game. I'll pay you! With...

*searches pockets*! I'll pay real cashmoneypounds for more of this.


This game is awesome! I never saw something similar.

Thanks for this great game! If you could add more filter would be great.

Very cool! Thanks for this game!

This is a wonderful game, and the song in the secret place is really nice. Sad it's not in with the rest of the soundtrack, it'd be nice to jam out to.

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what secret place?

Edit:  I looked it on internet. Whoah, I can't believe I didn't find this.

It's the old game, the oldest one, from when it wasn't called fragments of euclid. NuSan was testing the teleportation, in FoE apparently he added the rotation of the view and with it, so much more to do in the game than just activate cirlces. That's an idea @NuSan you could make a sequel in which the game isn't a puzzle game about activating stuff, but a game with a story that unravels in this weird impossible game. For example it could be set after you meet Euclid. He tells you that you are in his world. A world were geometry isn't bound to the laws of nature and he could create new more interesting things. He tells you that he was training you. Training you to navigate this world and save it from an invading force. xd


I'm glad you liked the game! The story you imagined is in fact close to what I wanted to put in the next episode. You learn more about Euclid and help him through new mechanics. Unfortunately after working several month on a new episode, the project is in halt for the moment I hope to revives it one day and show you all the cool things I added.

I'm so happy to hear that you're working on a new episode.

I'm trying to make a game inspired in yours too, and I can understand how hard it is to make the game while studying/working/doing other stuff. So don't worry, take your time. I hope you get to finish it soon <3

But don't feel pushed, only program if you feel like it, it is the love the programmer and designer puts into the game that makes it so good. 


Thank you for playing the game! The song from the secret place is not it the soundtrack as it was made by me for the original prototype during Ludum Dare, and not by the composer of the other tracks. If you like it, you can find it here:


My brain expresses gratitude :)

Alse it wants to show the game to my friends.

Just finished the game and loved it. Great aesthetic and nice story line to keep me motivated.  The nausea thing is interesting - not complaining - just feels weird shifting perspective so much, it's a challenge for the brain/inner ear.

Thanks for the experience!


it really make me feel dizzy but still its a really nice game

 but still
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I found the secret place! On my second time through, that is. I had fun with it, and the puzzles were very intuitive the second time around. Also. the names are helpful hints.
OH! And are the gameplay mechanics the same as Portal's, where through each doorway is actually an identical map, connected on a different point? If so, how many alternate maps are going at once? Is it just two? Or is it only one, using some other mechanic?

pretty sure its just 1 map


It is one single map. The doors teleport you and change your orientation. That way, if you're inside a map that is the inside of a cube, you can have like six rooms in a single actual room. 

Hi there! Beautiful interesting game, do you have any interest in publishing it on steam? If you are let me know, I work for a publisher and definitely interested in working together. If you would like to talk email me at: 

The game seems awesome for what little I played of it.  I wold've liked to have played more but sadly this one triggered heavy nausea, even when I adjusted the graphics.


I'm really sorry for that, several people reported nausea while playing, but I'm not sure how to help with that. I put an adjustable "field of view" and you can change the "stroke" effect for something less violent. Maybe it's linked to all the bright white on the screen, so lowering brightness may help. I may add an "inverted color" mode in the future, so the screen would be mostly black, or even let the player choose the color scheme. Thank you for your feedback.

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Hello! Just played the game and found it amazing. Original, interesting, actually "skill-based" and founded on the imaginary of the great Escher. Very well done!

I just want to point out that I may have found a little "bug", or maybe exploit is the right word. When you have a cube picked up, while walking, if you drop the cube and then jump twice (in a fast sequence) you'll actually jump higher than just putting the cube on the ground and using it as a step. Probably because the second jump starts while the character is at the peak of the first one. By the way, I found this late in the game while playing "Meeting", so I don't know if it can be exploited to skip some levels, but I know that in "Run" you can use it to jump over the closed door without having to do the normal procedure. 

you can actually  step on the cube jump pick up the cube and use it as the " double jump" you can skip some things in the game ,but there are better ways to skip....the whole game.., lel     ( in the video below i use the normal double jumb and the extended)

Thank for the report, I saw your speedruns and was really impressed. I always find glitches and unintended mechanics really interesting. So I'm often on the fence about removing them from the game. I even found some useful skips before release, but decided to let them as it's like hidden secrets that speedrunners only would find. Usually I would want to remove things that players can stumble upon during regular gameplay, or that completely destroy the game (like when you go through the ground directly to the finish line). I think this double jump would rarely happen by mistake, so it can stay for now. Thank you for your interest in the game, let me know if you find anything else interesting!

yeah the "double jump" is great .i would also leave it in the game

i have made a little video with some thing that i have found in the game .But the video isnt online right now cause i have to upload it.i will post the link when done

there it is

Nice ! My game is sooo broken it seems :) the glitch where you just go through walls seems the worse and that it could be found by accident by an innocent first time player. The multiple jump by grabbing the cube again and again is super impressive. Thank for your video, it made my day !

i dont think people playing the first time will find any of these glitches, the wall glitch has to be verry precise. sorry for making it seem like its broken :D

This is definitely cool game concept! Kudos to M.C. Escher.

A little short game though, but acceptable for a free game. I do consider giving some support to get more of this.

Special thanks for making this to run on Linux. I probably would not even tried the game without option to install on Linux.

Looking forward to see and play more.

I could not stop until the end! Thank you for this piece of art.

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cool game.But you should fix the glitch where u can go into walls

u cant really see it in this video but ,there is a way  to glitch into the walls(some not all).if you want i can make a video to show

edit: i have found a way to glitch into all walls that have  enough space


This is awesome! Please develop a full version of this game and release it here or on GOG. I'll buy it immediately!

Me too

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Dude how did you do this? I am not a big fan of puzzle games but god I like this one!

Did you just use a lot of effort to make this or a real smart idea? I prefer to think it's the second one. Anyways, what a mind bender, I love it!


*A W E S O M E* .  Loved it, I will show this to my cousin right now, we like using our minds. I generally don't like puzzle games cause they are boring. This was absolutely not the case. It is strange but once you finish the first laser you start to understand how it works. After finishing it it feels so natural. My favourite one; The tower. It was actually extremely easy if you are observative (just have to go through the doors that don't have your reflection) but it was very clever so I enjoyed it a LOT.


Is it supposed to be that I'm always slowly turning towards the left?

'Cause if not, is there a way I can get my chracter to stop doing that?


Hi, you probably have a gamepad or some other input device that is plugged and sending the rotation to the left. You can try unplugging it. Some people also had issues with old 3D mouse drivers that they needed to uninstall to solve the issue. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I should add an option in the menu to disable gamepad support. Let me know if you managed to fix it.


I love it! I really appreciated the overall mood to the game, the continuity between puzzles, and the sort of lonely freedom I experienced as I slowly made sense of a space that follows different rules. Some of the out-of-bounds problems could have been handled better by making them physically inaccessible instead of resetting the stage, but I imagine designing the puzzles was tricky enough, and they far exceeded my expectations. I would pay a good price for a longer version of this.

Just tried downloading the windows versions of this. The Win.32 appears to work, but I end up with a purple screen. I'm using Vista, so is there a version that works on this? I am happy to donate upon getting a working game.

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Hi, I'm glad for your interest in the game. You may find useful advice in this Hearstone support thread, as both Fragments of Euclid and Hearstone use Unity.

They talk about the pink screen issue, how you can try to update your graphic drivers, and at the very end on the second page, several people mention downloading a file d3d9.dll has solved their issues.

I hope you will be able to play and enjoy the game, let me know if it has worked. And don't worry about the money, donation is totally optional.

Thanks, NuSan. 

I downloaded the d3d9 thing, and tried putting it inside pretty much every folder I could think of, but nothing seemed to happen. Do I need to rename this file, and/or replace an existing file with it? Forcing a command doesn't mean anything to me, I'm afraid.

Hi, the d3d9.dll file should be placed in the folder you put the game, just beside the FragmentsOfEuclid.exe file. For the command, you can try downloading this file I made for you : and put it at the same place (beside FragmentsOfEuclid.exe) and double-click on it. This should launch the game and force using D3D9. But I don't know if it will work and if it don't, I'm out of ideas.


Loved the game - your level design was mind-bending - please make more.

I absolutely loved this. Please make more!


really enjoyable, i love surreal games, proper escapism


One of the greatest games i have ever played!

Thank you for the kind words ! I'm glad you enjoyed the game !

Really love this game, when you combine portal's portal, with Super Mario Galaxy's gravity system, you have a lot of level design creativity. Hopefully a user-customizable level creator in the future was made.

this is awesome, my brain hurt so much!! when i meet euclid i feel my brain just melt or blow out. 

Thanks, I'm glad you like the game !

Very intriguing game!

I found the secret! And I finished the game! It's excellent! :D

WOW, I love the graphics. The game started out to be one complete mind bending trip but then I figured the layout and the clues.

What a fantastic idea,  game and a great sequel.

Here's part 1

Part 2

I will upload a few more parts and let you know when ready.



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