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Good game!!!

Just an awesome game for pico8! Will there be some updates?

I was near to escaping the island with the boat, but I wanted to kill the boss. So I searched a random number generator on google. 1 = Escape, 2 = Boss. I think google wanted to kill me cause I got 2

You should add a warning that you cant come back in the 2d ladder because I was doing well and I lost everything.


I randomly found your channel on youtube

Really lmao, thats cool dude. Hope u subscribed :)

I'm sorry, I really should have put a warning, It is a bit harsh as the boss can be quite hard if you are not prepared. I hope you had fun anyway.

nice game bro

Not bad

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Apparently, if you go into the water outside of the cave, you get stuck in limbo and your map shows that you aren't moving, and no matter where you walk, nothing happens. Other that, great game!

Awesome and fun game but,  was it made for left-ies only?

Heres a tip: Once you get the Gem Shovel, you can destroy a sand tile and turn it into a water tile which zombies cannot cross. Good for making a base.


After a Decent gameplay, I was going down the 2nd ladder inside the cave when this crash happened.



Web Version on Firefox 60.3.0 ESR

PS : I have been able to reload the savegame, I was right on top of the ladder with much less items than I had before. And I have been able to go down this time. Strange behavior oO

You had less items than before because that was your recent save file.

I've had this problem too, but with Google Chrome. I guess it happens on all browsers when you either have too many chests or too many tiles displaced.

what are the controls pls reply

they are in the description

what does the fox say?


eneneneneneneeneen. nenenenenene. nenennenenenen.

I picked up my chest which had most of my stuff in it then went into the overworld opened another chest and I ended up losing all of my items including the workbenches so I got stuck and had to restart. Just a warning.

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Neat little game

> easy to learn
> simple, yet beautiful terrain
> monsters can appear everywhere, which makes it more challenging
> not very much content

Uh, hey, on coolmathgames there's an exact copy called "survival island" or something

Hello, I made a special version for Coolmathgames as they found the game interesting. The two game are nearly identical.


Okay, good, I thought they may have copied it illegally or something.

i beat the game!!!

I really like it, it's cool and everything. BUT! I stopped playing it after few minutes, because there is no option to change or at least turn on/off the music. The only one music in the game is TOO short and repetitive. After a  few minutes it became soo annoying... :-(

What does Talisman Do? Can anyone tell me plzzzzzzz




The music is eerie and the game is fun. My only complaint is that I can't load my save just before leaving the island to go back and beat the monster. 

I accidentally went in the boss room. Trying to pick up a gem.

i did that to

Me three


Nice game, but unfortunately it has at least some nasty bugs:

- The world is random generated, which is nice. But in my game almost no gold and almost no iron was available. After building all iron-tools and all gold-tools, I had not enough iron available to build by boat. This means I can never leave the island or I can never finish the game.

- Saving seems to work. A little icon appears. But I don't know how to load a game:

  -> Reload page in browser (Chrome): Only "New game" is available.

  -> "New game" in the Enter-Menu generated a new random world, but no way to load.

  -> "Continue" in Enter-Menu simply closes the window, also nothing is loaded.

  -> "Reset cartrige" in the Enter-Menu shows a strange video effect and then the game goes back to my current game.

 -> If I die, I go back to the main-menu. But due your setting permadeath=true the Load game-option is not shown in this case.

So it seems, at least for me, that the game can save your progress, but it cannot load a game (or your progress).

Its really amazing. Enjoyed it!

You know Cool Maths Games has copied your game.


Hi, don't worry, they did not copied it. They bought a special version named "Stranded Island" that I made especially for them. I'm glad if there is people to play it there.

Is there a way to run this game windowed except for the browser?

Hi, if you download the windows version (  you can have the game on you computer and toggle between fullscreen and windowed by using ALT+ENTER.

sadly no

Cool game

do you demo anywhere to try somewhere? if you leave run after you tried to play it due to firefox its crazy instant search bar on bottom it makes gaming hard, but then has sound loop with static.

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What seeds can do? How to plant?How to get wheat?How to get breads?

I think I need lots of breads to fight the boss.

Hi, you can use a wood/stone shovel on the ground (sand) to prepare it, and then use a seed on top to plant wheat. Wait a bit until they are ready and harvest them with a scythe. Hope it would help you fight the boss, even if there might be another very useful item to help ...

Doesent that dig it up?

Hey!I play this game, and he is very nice! But, i kill the boss and he drops ruby, what's the functionality for this item?

Congrats ! You made it, and got the treasure ! If you make a boat your will now have a better ending ! I'm glad you enjoyed the game, thank you for playing.

Oh, ok! Thanks for reply me, i make the boat!

What did it wrote on the end-screen?

I would like to know if the game is still in development

Hi, right know there is no plan to expand the game, but I may fix bugs if needed.

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what a pity that such a game is not updated more

Great game! I can't beat the boss though. Is there some secret to beating the boss? Also what do you the artifacts do?

You may be on to something with the artifact ! Maybe the boss is a bit hard if you don't have enough tools though.

Sweet! Thanks for the feedback!

Ambitious game, cute gfx and well made for what it is. Hope you expand the scope.

Beautiful revamp of Notch's Minicraft. I love your beautiful work and will love to support donation wise in the future

Really fun game here!  Great work!


One word.. SPELLING. Fix all the spelling errors. 

In the first screen of the game "Leaved you on an island" leaved isn't a word! It's left! also in the description, witch is a person like BURN THE WITCH and which is the word you're trying to use. So just make sure to have all the words correct. 8/10 pico game because of spelling.

Sorry for the spelling issues, I'm not a native English speaker so it can be a bit hard for me. I should find someone to read it before the release. I hope you had fun anyway.

Dude nice work! but I got a good Idea for a idea. one word...blocks

Yeah! this is nice idea, and required

Ahh, this was super fun! :D


where is the download button?

Hi, the game is playable in the browser. It should be visible at the top of the page. If you own Pico 8, you can also download the cartridge here :

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one of my favorites


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