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I like colonization games, destroying entire island and building your own farm island is fun

also I like to exterminate an entire species of zombies to make myself a smoothie from their... flesh?

Amazing game! In fact it's one of my few favorites! I just now finally got the true ending and it was worth it!

something you could do to make it easier to understand for new/newer people is when you're hovering over an item it gives a description of what it does. I'm not saying it's bad without it and it's fine without it. I'm saying if you want to do it you can because it's your game. I was just suggesting it.

a bit too many zombies with too much damage early on, i must say, but cool

i keep trying to open the game but it just quits immediately after i click to launch it :( 'last played 1 second ago'

LOVED THIS GAME!! Quite possibly the longest time i’ve ever played a pico 8 game in one sitting. I think this is my favorite pico 8 game. Didn’t think anyone would beet poom, but man is this fun!

I’ve got one critical point though. Even though crafting all of the gem tools don’t mean anything to completing the game, some spawns i’ve played barely had enough gems to craft a gem sword and pick. By the time i was done doing that, there was like two more deposits on the whole map. I had 1 gem left over after crafting the chem bench. Just a small thing, but if you could increase the amount of gems you get per deposit. Other than that, this is the best pico 8 game I’ve played. 

and if you have the tokens, a boss fight after you place the boat would make this a 10/10. But still, as it is this is my favorite pico 8 game. 

good game NuSa

I like the game but I tried using the save disk and now it's just stuck like this :(

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no idea i played the free pico 8 version so there isn’t a save disk. But i played this in like 20 minutes so depending on how much time you’ve got, you don’t really need to save. ;)

will you add cursor mode?

bruh i SAVED DATE and bring tailman in boss room BUT I ONLY HAVE PIECE AND I KNOW THAT I DONT HAVE DATE i give up this game 


how can i beat final boss:(


there is a special artefact that you can make and if you use it in the boss room it will freeze it, helping you killing it more easily

to make the artefact you must use the map to retrieve the 4 parts, hope this helps

 use it when boss come???i al

ready restart game 5 times

btw i think its a mask

btw again need i make the baot?

IT FREEZES IT??? im dumb i thought it made you stronger and i did try using it but the boss wasn't out of the water. so then i guess i beat it without it then. Thank you for the tip anyways tho.

What final boss


This game is 6 years old now. Commentary here is really for any other developers who happen to read this. Play around a bit and notice the button controls. They're a little bit confusing, right? You can learn the pattern of entering and exiting the menus, but it doesn't feel intuitive.

The issue seems to be how 'using' a workbench to get the workbench menu ends up swapping the subconcious mnemonic of 'button that opens menu is the same button to get me out of the menu' that happens with inventory use.

Notice how the inventory is also able to be displayed in the workbench. Pressing inventory next to a workbench to take you to the workbench menu instead would be a better fit.

What would happen if you pressed the 'use' button next to the workbench? Perhaps automatically revert to 'pickup tool' and pick the workbench up (to be placed down again with another 'use' keypress)? This is a seperate issue from the menu one, but this too could result in better gameplay.


What would happen if you pressed the 'use' button next to the workbench? Perhaps automatically use the workbench, that seems logical to me! I think if the open inventory button started opening different menus when you stood next to benches that would be very confusing and unintuitive. Why would pressing the use button to use a bench be confusing for anyone?

is there a way to pick up the things you place down? like furnaces and factories

yes, In your inventory you have a "pickup tool" you can select, and then use it on a furnace to put it back in your inventory!

Hey! this is a great game, and I have a cool idea for it! maybe add the ability to place walls, you could even make its own separate workbench for it, but it'd be really cool to be able to build houses around a cave opening, great game though!

i have seeds but how do I farm

really great game been playing it religiously over the last 2 days. extremely fun and enjoyable.

I'm glad you like the game! To farm you can use a wood shovel on sand to prepare the ground and then put in a seed and wait. Have a nice game!


try to make it in 3d, instead of top down.


get this when I tried to save

very nice game but when I tried to log back in to a save it didn't let me also since items dont have durability please add a feature to drop or delete items that are now lower grade to declutter the inventory and delete already made items from the crafting so you dont accidently craft when running from zombies

In case anyone else sees this looking for an answer, you can make (or find) a treasure chest and put your old junk tools in that. If you found a chest, can use the "pickup tool" to pick it up and move it. This can keep your inventory clean.

Best survival game ngl

i rly love this game when i was 7 i use to play ;)

 wow, u remaked minitale to pico-8, nice job

should i have built a base in a cave?


you can build a base in the cave but it's not necessary at all

I somehow accidentally turned the sound off and now I can't figure out how to turn it back on. What button did I press? I feel like I've hit everything on the keyboard to try to get it to turn back on. 


hello, it's probably ctrl+M to mute/unmute the sound


i enjoyed this game alot! I found it to be simple yet engaging. I thought id give my opinions on it, so here are my positive and negative thoughts.


- The boss fight was very fun! i liked the mechanics of it and i felt accomplished when i figured something out, like how standing on the rocks makes it so you aren't electrocuted. It was challenging but not frustratingly so, i nearly died about 3 times but i was able to beat it first try. (which is fine in a game like this, since if i had died i would've lost all my progress.)

-On that note, i see alot of people complaining about it in the comments but i quite like the 1 death hardcore thing. In a game like this where progression is so fast there is really no reason to respawn. Adds to the challenge. 

-Im not sure if this one is a postive or negative, because im not entirley sure on how i feel about it, but you cannot place any sort of block in this game. It did create a more unique expierence where you have to get creative, and i liked that. I ended up digging myself a little house into the rock, removing the sand around any openings so the zombies couldnt get in, and using workstations as walls. i quite liked my little home.


-My music didnt work! Im not sure if it was my end or the games (my sound did work in other games though) and i am playing the web version. The entire thing was silent so it really detracted from the expierence.

-I felt like i progressed far too fast in the mining. i went from stone to iron to gem in about 5 minutes, i didnt even need gold. I recommend adding 3 different levels to the mines that get harder, with the boss fight on the final floor. it doesnt have to be anything too crazy, but i think a floor dedicated to each ore with a unique type of enemy would be fun. and it would make it so you would have to use the tools until you are strong enough to progress.

-armor would be nice too, to add to that difficulty and give you something to work towards.


-in order to make a farm, you have to use a scythe on the green grass to get seeds, and then use a wooden shovel to prepare the sand. Then you just press Z to plant the seeds. Use the scythe again to harvest them

-To get the tailsman make a map and go to the dots scattered around in the overworld. when you did in those spots you get a chest with a tailsman piece inside. get 4 to complete the tailsman. if you cannot dig try removing any grass with the scythe.

-the tailsman stuns the Eel!

anyway, this was a cool game! keep up the good work.


bruh i had no idea what was going on but i managed to get to a big snake and after i got it to like half health i died lol

Is there a way to download the music?


hi! the main 3 music can be found on my soundcloud
and there is lots of online tools if you want to download them from there

have a nice day


minicraft remaster


This is super cool! I do have a few suggestions:

1: Add an option to leave when you get the boat so that you can keep exploring.

2: Add bridges to travel easier

3: Add bows and arrows

4: Skeletons with bows that sometimes drop

5: Types of potions

6: Armor (stone, iron, gem, etc)

7: Large inventory limit

8: Section in your inventory just for tools

9: Make some way to throw items to get rid of them (like your old wooden tools)

10: Make items last for longer

11: I don't know if this is possible, but could you add hotkeys for items? (Z + up, Z + right, etc)

12: Different modes (creative, normal, respawning)

13: Different table/bench to make gem tools/armor (like a forge or something)

14: More buried treasure and tailsmans

15: Different types of walls and doors to make a base (wooden wall, wooden door, stone wall, stone door, iron wall, iron door, etc)

Ok, it might have been more than a few suggestions, but I think that these changes would make the game more fun, while not exactly copying Minecraft.

m i n e c r a f t : )


I played this game during school a while ago, great game for how short it is.

how do i get to the cave? my island doesn't have one

nevermind i found it lol

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Just suggesting, re-upload the web version to get the newer kind of web-launcher, and that supports mobile with touch buttons. I cannot play, as much as I want to

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i filled the entire mine with sand and removed all the stone and ores. if you try to place sand outside of the area i placed sand, the sand just disappears without actually placing any sand


how do you move

What does the talisman do??

When you enter the final boss room, it says something about the talisman giving you power. It probably means you do more damage or something like that.


This game was awesome

what does the pickup tool do

sorry for responding to this incredibly late, but it lets you pickup things that you place down


this game is awesome man.

is this minicraft 2 lol

no its mineccraft 69


good game but items fly so far and despawn so quickly

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