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soo this is just hardcore minecraft right?


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nice story .



is this hard core minecraft


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ok uhhh yeah when i die it just resets all my progress and that sucks actually. I would love this game if it has a "respawn feature". and yeah i found a bug that when you have 2 chests then you try to carry the other chest, the other, other chest will disappear.

btw it's a cool game it really has that "minicraft" theme.

its ok game ^^


Very fun until you die, especially when you have a ton of progress. You should add a "reload save" option when you die.


so are you supposed to get attacked and flee the island cuz thats what i did


cool game, items despawn too quickly

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i dont know how to place my workbench

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you should add more stuff into the game like walls, and multiplayer mode it would be more fun.

it's a super fun game i would definitely recommend 

and please continue to update this fun game

i escaped the isalds


i just found the bossfight and then i died, good game tho


How do I play this? And where are the trees to smash?

Ok I got it. Thanks!


YOU CAN **** TREES?!?!?!?!?!


I downloaded the game but it is not opening.

this was an amazing game!


This would make an amazing multiplayer game

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ok, now i have beaten the boss and tooken the entire map with me (and yes, i restarted and did it again)

also you can't dig up the boss area (sadly)


Ha Ha, LOL  On the end screen, it said the "monster still lived" and i thought that it meant i was the monster because i used the gem shovel to dig up the entire island (including the cave), but i just wanted to get off the island so i did not go down the next ladder going down (which i later figured out that that was the boss area) and went away with a whole island in my bag

haha, you sand digging monster!

hello, i just wanted to say i loved your game so much that i even told friends to play it.

i just wish there was more to it, but its still really fun

yo nice animations

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I don't know how to petrify the boss using talisman, it doesn't work

It should work pressing Z

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bruh it's been two years since I played this game. really amazed at how much the game has grown already.


this game is amazing, but it could use some extra features, like being able to disable the default music, so you could use your own music

also being able to drop/destroy items would be nice, sometimes you missclick an axe or something it clutters your inventory


Does anyone have any tips on how to beat the boss? I tried but I couldn't beat it with a gem sword.


yes we cant win boss


For both of you, yes you can. First you need to find the 4 chests in the surface (the dark brown squares in the map) with the wood shovel, inside them there will be one talisman piece. With the four pieces, go to the factory and create it with 2 bottles of glue, also, create a couple of potions in the chem lab (they restore all your health). Grab the talisman, the potion and the gem sword and enter the boss cave.

When facing him, grab the talisman and activate it with Z, the boss will be petrified for a short time, attack him and then step back because he will start to move again. Repeat the same thing until you kill him.

I hope you can win him, if you have any doubt just tell me :)

Thanks for the guide!

You're welcome, I hope you enjoyed the game!

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Very impressive game. I loved every minute of it. I just can't seem to figure out some of the stuff. Like how to get different tools. I got all the wooden and stone, but I can't figure out how to get the others. Also, I enjoy the fact that you get to explore and craft things. Great game.


You have to find the cave entrance in the middle of a rock outcropping and mine the stuff in the cave.

Thanks, HAM!

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**Spoilers I guess**

Log 1:I beat the game, not too hard, got all the gem tools, built a boat, and escaped. On the end screen, it said the "monster still lived", which kinda confused me, but, eh whatever, probably some meta junk about how the monster was me and the zombies were guardians of peace or something. When I pressed escape and scrolled down to see the description, I saw "Update: Deluxe edition with save system, a boss and a few new items to discover."

A boss? What boss? I went everywhere. Well, not everywhere, but a boss probably wouldn't be too hard to find. So I dove back in...

I semi-speedrun the first part, mainly looking for the entrance to the cave. I go around, searching in large stone outcroppings. Finally, I find it. I bring my workbench to the entrance and make my base. No farm, no chest, no nothing. I. Was. Speed. I quickly make a gem pick and gem sword, followed shortly by an iron haxe to farm apples. Once I get 25 or so apples, I jump back into the cave. I'm going literally everywhere looking for some kinda boss. That's when I see it. A ladder leading deeper into the belly of the beast. I go down.

The music kicks up, my heart races. "Here it is," I think to myself. 'Giant sea eel' is above the health bar, and I'm nervous. I run around, looking for it. That's when it attacks. It appears, right on me... rubbing its face against me? I'm not sure, but it hurts like heck. I do a swing or two out of panic and run away. It disappears... can it turn invisible?! The ground is covered with water that the eel continually electrifies. "I should've brought some sand," I say out loud to no one. I see the eel's silhouette approach, and before I can even think...


I stood no chance against that beast. It completely and utterly bodied me. My jaw had been dropped. I start a new save, half-heartedly punch some trees, and realize, "I'm not going to beat this thing, no matter how hard I try. But you know what? I'm okay with that. I wanted to see something I had missed and dang it, I saw it. I should leave the hard stuff to the people who are up for the challenge. I had seen what I wanted to see. I'm satisfied."

Anyway, it's a really enjoyable game, the zombies' hitboxes are a little jank, but an all-around great time. I also hope you enjoyed my epic tale of victory and defeat, joy and woe, something and something else. This has a lot of speedrun potential, too. I suggest you, dear reader, try it. I'm not really the speedrun type, but for what speeding and running I did, it was fun.

Log 2: So that image that I attached was from the new game that I started, the one from after I had fought the boss. When I started a new game after that, it plopped me down right before the boss on my semi-speedrun save. Guess I'll try and beat the boss?

Log 3: Oh my God oh my heccin God I just killed him... WHOAH YEAH! OH MY GOSH, oh my gosh, I did it. Now all I have to do is beat the game like normal. Here we go...

Log 4: Oh yeah, son, we've done it. True ending.

Can vouch, it's a really fun game to run. I've been doing speedruns since November 2020, and hold the Any% record at 5 minutes 37 seconds. (Build a boat and escape.) Someone else managed to get a 5 minute 59 second time for killing the boss (Which we call Boss Kill%, go figure), which I think's way more impressive. Both categories are fun to just pick up and run every day for an hour or so, and seeing your time go lower feels so satisfying for this game in particular.

Also, really fun to read your adventures while browsing comments for this game. Sounded like it was almost as fun to write as it was to play through.

You know, I might have to try an any% run! From what little I did, I had a great time! Gg on the 5 :37 btw.

Thank you for this amazing story ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed your adventure!

the music is awesome are you on Soundcloud?

This dude is crazy bro you are soooo good at gamedev continue your amazing work



love the game very noice

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Fun to play i just don't know what the talisman does

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so many people say how to farm u need the scythe then you use it on dirt/grass to get seeds then you use the shovel on the sand and click it with seeds  also give me a plus if this was useful


i just beat it and it was actually pretty hard at first, but i escaped

aw:( i was doing so good and died

then i lost hope and went to eat dinner sadly:(

but great game lol will play again tomorrow and bet my current level

found an error trying to save.

its very good and cool and RAGEING

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Its a great game for low end hardware, i never expected it to be so fun, terreria is lame... thisss is what will replace it i guess. good job, gonna try pico 8 ,never heard of it, an android release could be a game changer... overall an amzing game thats really underrated! i usually write reviews for games that deserve it,and i write a ton. graphics are nice and nostalgic, and isnt intense till it creates lagz. this is where this review ends. hope this game gets fame and liked.  

- Sanjay Gaming'z 

I really enjoyed the game. Quite addicting. Great concept and execution. A suggestion would be to add more islands to either start on or advance to later in the game. But besides that the game is great 5 stars.

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Amazing game, i love it. But boss killed me. What the pity)

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