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Played it.

Thanks for making.

Have a good one.

How do you play the game? All I see is a folder that leads to LD37 which leads to Assets, Datas, and Project settings folders, and a notepad for Bosca Ceoil something

It appears I am a dumbass

haha :D it's kind of my fault, maybe the "source" zip should not be the first link ... sorry

I've heard of non-Euclidian games before, and decided that I'd want to test something small out before trying a full-fledged game; For some reason, this game just completely agreed with my way of thinking

It's a really simple concept: doors that *should* lead to somewhere lead to somewhere else. A completely different level? A completely different side of the same room? Who knows, and that's the best part of this game

My playthrough:


talvez la habitación no esta incluida pero la diversión si esta incluida


This game is also part of Fragments Of Euclid

love it

nice smart game


it's a bad time but that trick is pixel perfect I think

Nice ^^ pretty cool jumps!

thanks that jump to the stairs is way too hard

This game is cool. Congratulations, I will try that Fragments Of Euclid. I love the Escher's art.

needs to be updated for mac


the game needs to be updated for mac :(


Can you remove screen effect

Sorry, it's not possible in this jam-game, but I made a longer game on the same idea where you can remove the screen effect in the options.  you can find it here:

error. says it needs update. Mac

-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 00:10 (The 1st Game)

This is amazing, and I am downloading the sequal as I type this.

great but short

Dear developer, music does not stop when i minimize game with windows start button on keyboard. Also i can not set vsync and graphics options in the game. I like closing game with esc button. Please add more levels. God bless you. Also i can not set music off. Player can not crouch with ctrl button.

20 Minutes, but then I wouldn't be here if I wasn't good at finding my way out of paper prisons. But hey at best... Art is papering over the cracks.

I saw the vid for this

its very fun but way too short 7/10 

That was an entertaining four minutes! Checking out FoE now.

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me encantan este tipo de juegos. muy interesante para ejercitar la inteligencia espacial. felicitaciones....!...hey.--- ya lo termine. Es normal que lo haya terminado en 10 minutos?. Es asi de corto?

Hi, if you liked this game, you can try the sequel that is longer :

está bien. Gracias.

@NuSan, I need to talk to you, where can I contact you? I want to ask you some questions about FoE and maybe share some ideas.

The linux version segfaults when pressing escape.

(Note: I already played Fragments of Euclid)

I loved the aesthetics of this Escher-esque game. <3 To figure out how all the rooms are connected was a puzzle challenge in itself, though the player just has to find the spots. :) Your whole work with the shader really payed out amazingly in my opinion, because it was an audiovisual delight! So let me congratulate you to the 34th place in the Ludum Dare 37, it was well deserved. It's been my pleasure to include your entry in one of our compilation articles about the jam as well as in the related showcase video, and of course I appreciated the sequel very much as well - this game was the reason why we started our "After Jam Party" format after all! <3 In there we take a look on the bigger post-jam-versions of some jam entries and how they changed. And yours was simply a great starting point! Thanks for all your hard work, dear Antoine; it's always lovely for me to play one of your games. Looking forward to future projects of you!

Best wishes,


Thank you a lot Sebastian for your kind words. Your work with game jam curator means a lot for small dev like me, and seeing my game worthy of an article always drive me forward and give me motivation. Game jams are also a huge part of how games evolve nowadays, I think, but it's often buried and invisible. So your work shine a light on all that world. I hope to bring you more interesting jam games in the future, but the result is never guaranteed, that is also one of the specificity of game jams ...

<3 You are very welcome, Antoine. And don't be too worried about your results in a game jam, because you're a very kind person as well and I'm just glad to see how you contribute to the jam culture! :)

really hope the music isnt copyrighted. ill probably play the sequal in a few days

There should not be any copyright on this game's music or the sequel.

Yeah, cool, it's fun but where's the non euclidean part? I mean I get it, teleportation, but I was excepecting gravity changes and imposible shapes made posible like in Escher's art.

All of that is in my following game, Fragments of Euclid that you can play here : 

Cool, thank you!

Hello, NuSan. This was the first comment you directed to me, and in here I wanna ask you: do you still work on the second chapter of fragments of Euclid? It's easily one of my favourite games, and it made me your fan forever.

Thank you for the kind words! At the time, I worked on a sequel for several month but it was too ambitious for me, I got burned out and couldn't work on it anymore. I hope some day I can at least release what I had done in some form, there was some cool ideas

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Neither portals nor gravity changes have anything to do with non-Euclidean geometry. Escheresque is what you mean :)

Exactly. At the time I posted that, I had some funky ideas about math and didn't know nearly as much.

Wow, I'd forgotten I'd played and did a video for this a while back. I thought the graphics style was really cool and it's defo got a lot of potential.

Great work devs


Thanks for the vidéo, I released a sequel some times ago, if you didn't play it. There is a lot more puzzles so I hope you will enjoy it:

Thanks for the Reply. I found Fragments of Euclidh earlier and I have just done Part1 which took me an hour. When it's uploaded I'll post a link Fragments of Euclid.

Great Games. Thank you and good luck


Hi, congrats ! great short game!. Going to play Fragments now :)

Incredible game! The transitions are smoother than Portal!

Thanks, if you liked the game, you should check out the project I did after, it's much more involved :

Realy unipue

Cool style!

Fantastic! keep on it, I want to play more games like this

Nice idea. I love the concept, specially because I'm a fan of Escher.

But it was very short!

Looks really cool!

This was interesting; you get money.

I would pay more for this if there were more levels & puzzles.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I'm working on a sequel with several sections, puzzles, and a lot of new mechanics. I just released a video teaser you can check out :


nice game, I played it for 20 minutes, activated 8 "targets".

a) Is there a way to save progress?

b) Is there more to do (like finding an exit)?

Happy holidays,


Hi, thanks for playing. There is an exit to find, but no way to save your progress. As it's a short game focusing on exploring, you can probably complete it again pretty fast. I plan to do another room, with real puzzle to be released early january.

Loved the game, very cool. It took me a while to get my bearings in order to find them all. I also loved the art style. Nice work!

Very cool, Euclidean geometry is very well done!