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great game! simple and so elegant. I'd love to be able to play it on a phone, actually.

Yes I think it could be a good game on phone too. So I am working on an Android version now. I could also just make a touch screen binding on the html5 web version.

nice! how are you thinking of implementing the aiming? i was thinking about pressing the screen and holding to aim and releasing to shoot. or maybe an automated back-and-forth movement?

Well I think the bottom of the screen will be empty, as the game use a square space and the phone has a rectangle screen. So pressing in the area bellow the screen would let you fire in the line from your finger to the ball, like a slingshot You could also press directly inside the game area, but then your finger hide where you are aiming.

Cool! The slingshot idea sounds good. Looking forward to it.😊

I released an Android Version ! Tell me if you liked it !

Really cool. Reminds me of 2048 but with pool. Nice work!

This is truly an outstanding game. Have sunk about 2 hours into it and finally beat hard mode. Great job.

Very cool concept but perhaps a tad too easy?

Thanks. You should try in hard mode, after a few balls, the lifebar start to be pretty low and you have to be careful to finish the game.

Thanks. Had forgotten about the difficulty settings in the beginning, sorry. Anyway, I really like the game, which feels like a mix of pool and Puzzle Bobble/Bust-a-move

Viewing most recent comments 51 to 54 of 54 · Previous page · First page