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Very very addictive :D Great job!

Oh the rush when  the screen turns bloody red

wery complicated but fun took a while and a lot of stress ful moments but it was fun now to try hard 

First try victory! Was a great experience :)

This is great. It's like 2048 except your game is actually fun :P Thanks for the Android touch version


beating this is the most satisfying thing EVER

I love your game. Great job!

kind of pool x 2048 love it ! (got 65510)

Got 48690. Really fun game!


hear me out: what if higher level balls had exaggerated physics


That's a very cool arcade game, so simple to get into it, addictive after the first play, it's just well done. The kind of game you can return into and always love at each start.

Awesome game, really well designed 


Very nice scaling idea; Extremely nice color palette; Superb physics.

Pool games are always a win! 

Really fun game. Incredibly satisfying physics.

Any chance of a windows download?


i won






Very addictive and fun! Nice game!


ok i spend way too much time playing this 

I can’t click anything on a touchscreen 

This is oddly addictive.

Super fun!

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really fun! great game. got 135320 in my first playthrough, didn't realize the game would end after the pink marbles.

game 2 clocks in at 182100. :D

Really nice game. It's not often that I finish an arcade game, even less frequent that I replay it in "Hard" mode :) Congrats it's very fun !

Final Score: 124980

Great game

I love the concept ! It would be awesome with a local-multiplayer game mode ! :o

Yeet!!!! got'em!!!


I really enjoy the game but wish it tracked my top scores.

Great fun! :D 

This is great! Fun gameplay, nice sounds, and pleasing art! Keep up the good work :)

its not to good 

its very good a little bit kinda.

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Love it! What engine or IDE did you use to make it? Wha language is it programmed in?

This was made in PICO-8, a virtual retro game console. 

Thank you very much, sir!

You'r games are awesome.

I love this game! Keep it up!

really like it,good stuff

This game is great. Just sat down for a second and played for an hour. Very elegant design.

So you were playing while sitting for a second, stood up, and played while standing for 59 minutes and 59 seconds? Strange.




I just played this one again on Hard and broke my former highscore! :D It didn't lose any of its arcade-y flair and I congratulate you on that, still addictive, still super fun. <3 The color palette was an absolute delight and I think that the focus on the collision physics have a huge part in the satisfaction a player can get through your game. :) A wonderful PICO-8 game, which I happily recommended in an article on our blog and also did a little gameplay video for. <3

Best wishes,

Hey, think you could try our game "FruitFat" aswell? thanks!

Do you reprogrammed the game for android or how have you done it?

greetings, qouka


I didn't need to remake everything as I used PicoLove (to use Pico game inside the Love2D engine), but I needed to change a lot of things as it was too slow (sound, circle drawing ...).


Very funny game!

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