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Good game, with lots of colors. Is this available on any other platforms.

thanks, what other platform would you want? there is a raspberry pi version I could easily produce

Do you plan to bring this game to the PlayDate?

pretty please?

Unfortunately I don't have a PlayDate and beside Pico 8 (the engine I used to make the game) doesn't exist on PlayDate so I would have to remake it from scratch. And also I like how the game play with different colors for each balls, so a greyscale PlayDate version doesn't seem like a good idea, sorry

all us Playdate folks would be so thrilled to have it, but I understand if that's not in the cards.

i'm glad this exists in any form! 

apparently someone has already made a port!

Combi Pool

oh, that's pretty cool, I didn't know that, well there you have it! I tested it a bit, but like I said the black-and-white patterns on the balls are not very legible to me so it's hard to play, but otherwise it looks and sounds great!

yes, yours is still the definitive experience. maybe there are some improvements that can be made to the Playdate version to make the "colors" a bit more discernible

i'll ask the person who made the port

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this is so fun! I played it on and off during my 10 hour flight home to Australia from Tokyo. I got my score to 3.4 million in endless before the tab reloaded itself while I was doing something else


I'm glad you liked it! And it's nice to see people using the "accessible" mode where numbers are displayed on the balls, can I ask if there is a specific reason for using it? Anyways, thanks for your message, it warms my heart, I hope you flight went well!

I used the accessible mode because it simply made it easier to quickly check which balls were which :)


1) I love this game and still migrate it from device to device on my Android.
2) Love to see you updating it.

Best of luck!

thank you! I'm glad you like the game, and it means all the effort I spent on the android version where not a waste of time!  Now with the new browser version, you can play it on android/ios using touch screen, but the native android version is probably still a bit better

yeah I still remember the amazement of you answering my android request with an apk :) did you apply the updates to the android one, should I redownload it? :)

haha, it took me while to make because there is no simple way right now to port pico 8 games to android so I had to port it to another engine (love2D)

And no, the android apk has not been updated, the source code for it is probably buried in an old hard drive and setting it up for everything to build again would take forever. Fortunately it already had touch control to aim so there is just the new accessibility mode, which is a sad to not have, but people can still play with it using the browser version

super fun

this is great!


Such a lovely game, got frustrated only once on hard mode, but it never made me rage. The game is so satisfying, especially when you merge the red balls or finally merge pink and win. 10/10! 


Thank you! I'm glad you liked the game!

i love it

excellent game, beat Hard and felt very satisfied.

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This is fun, but I’d like to suggest two things:

1: game length

At the moment, each game goes on for about 15 minutes. Since your progress won’t be saved when you quit, it’s a huge time sink. If you could choose the game length by choosing which colored ball ends the game when merged, it would be easier to pick up and play a short game.

2: Reverse orange and yellow

I keep messing up my strategy after a while because I can never remember if orange is before yellow, red is after orange, or whatever. The reason why is because the rest of the colors are in order except for one pair.

  • black
  • dark gray
  • light gray
  • white
  • orange (expected yellow)
  • yellow (expected orange)
  • red
  • pink

And make orange darker while at it. The number of times I’ve tried to merge yellow and orange is concerning

Given the PICO-8’s color palette restrictions, I think you can’t just “make orange darker”. If they replaced orange with green, maybe it’ll be easier to play.

Nice game, managed to beat it on like my third try. But the first try I didn't know you could aim your shot, just shoot straight up, so that doesn't really count😝

Very nice game


I don't really play mobile games, but I've made an exception for this one. 

Yeah try crash dive 2 ! Game on phone are very hard to find something good i like this game too 

Very fun, thanks!


Like 2048, but billiards. Cool concept. I think for accessibility, it'd be good to give the balls unique symbols on top of them. This would help colorblind people.


hit ball, fun game

nearly died on several occasions! on easy mode! difficult game, very fun

very cool and entertainmenting

Hi, I tried your game on my Android device (Anbernic RG363P) and it produced a black screen but never got any further.

Good game!


Something a 90's dad would obsess over at the family's dos pc ♥


Sound seems to be broken on this latest build. Anybody else been having issues with the game being silent at all times, even if you toggle sound off and on again?


surprisingly addictive! who knew billiard and merge would make a great combo. This is the type of game I could play for hours.

excellent game; a unique idea and very fun

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I'm trying to do hard mode except I can't move where I'm pointing, and so far I've gotten to 1 yellow and 2 oranges at the same time as my best! I'm going to update y'all if I get anything higher.

Hehehhe imma keep track of my notable scores here

  1. 1Y 3O
  2. 1Y 2O
  3. 1Y 1O
  4. 1Y
  5. 4O
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I might try to do it in normal mode so if I do then I'll put the notable scores here

1. 2Y 1O

its good, but I hate that I can't fine tune it. makes hitting things that you could normally hit really difficult and annoying.

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This entire game has me going "That move that I just made was totally calculated and I am so smart" which is immediately followed by "Why is my health so low? PANIC PANIC"

Love it

this is very fun


I've been playing this game couple times everyday. I finaly find a bug. When you finish it while you're in a suddent death count down. It goes under zero.


Very very addictive :D Great job!

Oh the rush when  the screen turns bloody red

First try victory! Was a great experience :)

This is great. It's like 2048 except your game is actually fun :P Thanks for the Android touch version


beating this is the most satisfying thing EVER

I love your game. Great job!

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