Update : I added an Android version, with special touch controls.

Here is Combo Pool, a game made using Pico 8, and winning entry to p8jam2. It's a game where you throw colored marbles against each other. If two marbles of the same color make contact, they merge and upgrade to the next color. Your lifebar diminish with the number of balls on the field. If you lifebar is empty, you enter in a sudden death mode, and your last ball must save you by removing some balls.

Controls : use arrows left-right to adjust direction, and key "c" to launch a ball.

Clic on the game to give it focus if buttons doesnt work.

Pro-tips :

  • Dark and grey balls do more damage to your life bar, so avoid keeping too many at the same time
  • Score system depend on number of rebound before merging and on balls colors
  • A usefull technique is to quickly throw two dark ball and make them merge at the first collision
  • Try to avoid exploding pink balls as long as you can, you can expect to make more points in the final explosion


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I can’t click anything on a touchscreen 

This is oddly addictive.

Super fun!

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really fun! great game. got 135320 in my first playthrough, didn't realize the game would end after the pink marbles.

game 2 clocks in at 182100. :D

Really nice game. It's not often that I finish an arcade game, even less frequent that I replay it in "Hard" mode :) Congrats it's very fun !

Final Score: 124980

Great game

I love the concept ! It would be awesome with a local-multiplayer game mode ! :o

Yeet!!!! got'em!!!


I really enjoy the game but wish it tracked my top scores.

Great fun! :D 

This is great! Fun gameplay, nice sounds, and pleasing art! Keep up the good work :)

its not to good 

its very good a little bit kinda.

This is my favorite game! Good job at making this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Love it! What engine or IDE did you use to make it? Wha language is it programmed in?

This was made in PICO-8, a virtual retro game console. 

Thank you very much, sir!

You'r games are awesome.

I love this game! Keep it up!

really like it,good stuff

This game is great. Just sat down for a second and played for an hour. Very elegant design.


I just played this one again on Hard and broke my former highscore! :D It didn't lose any of its arcade-y flair and I congratulate you on that, still addictive, still super fun. <3 The color palette was an absolute delight and I think that the focus on the collision physics have a huge part in the satisfaction a player can get through your game. :) A wonderful PICO-8 game, which I happily recommended in an article on our blog and also did a little gameplay video for. <3

Best wishes,

Hey, think you could try our game "FruitFat" aswell? thanks!

Do you reprogrammed the game for android or how have you done it?

greetings, qouka


I didn't need to remake everything as I used PicoLove (to use Pico game inside the Love2D engine), but I needed to change a lot of things as it was too slow (sound, circle drawing ...).


Very funny game!

Hello! I would love to localize this game into Brazilian Portuguese.

Please let me know if you are interested. :)

Thank you for the idea, I appreciate your support. Right now, I don't really have the time to start a project like that. But it would be great, so I will keep it in mind. There is not that many text so it could be doable with a bit of work.

Thanks for your interest! Considering Combo Pool is not that text-heavy, you can just send/share me the strings or code for translation at info@locmage.com.

Very fun, well done.

This was a really great game. It has a lot of replayability, it's fun and challenging at the same time. Good job.

Done. Linked to itch and twitter account also. Sent you the link on twitter

The gameplay concept of this game is something i've never seen before. Very unique.

Awesome game. Would love to embed it on my site ozogames if possible?

Thank you. Yeah you can embed it on your site as long as there is attribution, and a link to this page.

Yes!! For sure I always do that. Thank you thank you

btw is there an online version that can be played on touch devices?

I don't think so, but maybe you will have a virtual gamepad on this webpage :


Really nice game, bring me memories of the mini games from Side Pocket from the Snes.

This is such an enjoyable game. There's ton of polish on the presentation, and the controls feel good!

This is WOW

Wow, its been a while for me that happened. But i am actually look forward to have some wait cycles to play this game.

However, you really need to add some online highscore list or even better a highscore group feature. Like the desktop tower defense game used to have.

It works pretty simple. If and when you save your highscore you get to choose your name and a groupname. Anybody can see the group highscores by setting the name because why not.

If you need some serverside assistance. I can do that. But thinking about it ...itch.io probably has that already? I am new here.

Again, thanks for the awesome game.

from the really to warm Hannover, Germany

I just updated both web and android version, with more precise collisions and removed the "keep perfectly vertical" way of cheating.

Works really well, thanks!

Android version! I'm doomed.

How do you exit from the game? My only option is to open running apps list and then quit to desktop; exit button itself doesn't work on a title screen.

Oh, I may need to add that. I though you could just minimise it with the home button. Are you on tablet ?

It's a ZTE Geek2 phone; yes, I absolutely can, but using "back" button is an... expected behaviour, every single app responds to that, so that's what I did. :) By the way, it plays very smoothly and comfortably, and I have a feeling I get more stable results than on PC. Also, very elegant decision about "how to implement a precise shooting mode", I think you're very good at designing these "little things that seem obvious", so thank you once again :)

Oh, wow. Just installed the Android version, and promptly forgot the time. This game is addictive! And unlike many Android games, it's friendly to the CPU and battery. Only the startup time is rather long on my old single-core tablet, but that's a nitpick. Good work!

Thanks, realy nice to hear it works well on your tablet. I plan to add quality options, so even slower devices can play smoothly.

How did you code the creep? The way it dissapears is so satisfying. Great work!


It's actually pretty simple. Basicly you draw each frame a circle below each ball with his colors, but without clearing the screen between frames. That will make trails that never disapear. Then you draw small circles at random positions with the background color, so eventually the trail will be painted over by the background color. Adjusting the number and size of the random circles will make the trail disappear faster or slower. If you own Pico 8, you can find the original source code here : http://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=3467

That's creative coding! Super simple and clever :)

Really enjoying this - hits my sweet spot for this kind of game. Would also love to play a phone version.

Thanks, an android version is on it's way. I hope to release it realy soon.

I released an Android Version ! Tell me if you liked it !

Yey!!!! I do like it! It took a while to load (my phone is 3 years old low-end Samsung, so no surprise there). It works great. :) I'll play it some more and let you know more about what I thik of it. :) Thanks for making this version.

This game is awesome. Mouse controls would be nice.

Reminds of me billiards with puzzle mechanics. Awesome Job!

You can just not rotate a gun and shoot straight vertical in up, so balls will be only on one line, easy :D

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