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Zumot is a very short first person puzzler inspired by the game Zuma. This game was made in 48h for the "Stop Waiting For Godot" gamejam.

How to play:

- left mouse click: shoot a ball
- right mouse click: swap ball

Clear balls by getting three or more of the same color in a row
Balls of the same color attract each other, you can use that to slow down the ball snake
Don't let the balls reach the end of the circuit

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Tags3D, First-Person, Short


Zumot_02.zip 30 MB


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woohoo I won

Its amazing how you create the balls physics that I've been wanting to create for so long now. Can you show me how you code that? or you can send the Godot file so I can study with it.


Really impressive entry! I haven't thought about Zuma in a long time, it's a great thing to draw inspiration from!

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 Add more sounds and music