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how does this even run on chromebook? im very impressed with everything 

I got lost on the second to last park and had to skip. where are you supposed to go


I wanted to congratulate you on the game, really interesting and fascinating. A fun to experience. Short, but very well done. Congrats!


the whole time i was like alright theres going to be a random scare

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Great graphics ! Thanks for source code :) Raymarching rocks

beautiful game

love it looks really cool

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Thanks for playing! I'm sorry for grammar, English is not my main language and writing text late at night during a game jam was not a good idea. I should have done that sooner so I have time for spellchecking. Thanks for the feedback.

Hi! I was playing and rendering gameplay right now. I have question - is any end of this game. I have finished in endless flight up among giant cogwheels.

You have to find a white light that glow through walls and reach it to go to the next scene. Alternatively, you can press "n" to go to next scene. Thanks for playing!