Simple nonogram game (aka picross) made in less than 1024 bytes of code using Pico 8 as part of the 2022 #Pico1k jam

You can change difficulty and board size (5 to 15) in ENTER menu, beware that the generation algorithm is very simple so above 45 difficulty can easily give you a puzzle too hard to solve

Press C to fill a cell and X to mark it as empty, arrow keys to move around

You can also use the mouse, left click to fill a cell and right click to mark as empty

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(7 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
TagsGame Jam, PICO-8


nono1k.p8 18 kB


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Good puzzle game, I especially like the highlighting of the "still active" hints next to the board. But I was surprised to find that some puzzles have more than one solution. Luckily this only cropped up when I placed the last two marks. Still trying to solve 15x15 on difficulty 47, making steady progress :)

I'm glad you liked the game! Yeah the puzzle generation is very simple so it can generate puzzle with multiple solutions and it happen more with higher difficulty unfortunately

Had fun with it! 46dif on 10x10 was fine, but I could pass through 46dif 15x15, although I pushed :) Great idea to expose a dif algorithm to a user. Very nice implementation.