it's flood season, dig caves to redirect an inevitable rising water until you can save everyone

This game has been made in 48h for game jam Ludum Dare 50 using Pico 8

Your digging power is limited, it recharges over time. At regular interval, you can save someone by sending your rescue team

You can play the game using a keyboard (action is key C ), a gamepad or a mouse


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(91 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, Ludum Dare 50, Non violent, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Retro, Short
LinksLudum Dare


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Hi! I am currently making a clone of this as a learning experience, but I really want to thank you for coming up with this great game concept. It is the Pico8 game I always come back to. Great stuff :) I will link you in every way possible when I publish my version.


Whenever I come up with a solution I realize that you really always chose the perfect way to handle a problem. It is unbelievable that you came up with this in 48 hours. 


Absolutely impressive what you managed to accomplish in 48 hours. Great game, can't get enough of it!

i beat everythibng except super hard

I beat super hard first try


Wow, this is the most fun game ever for pico 8. I love what you did with the fluid dynamics. It makes you think about how the water is flowing, and it is fun to create a big bubble of air that flows to the top.

Thank you for the kind message! I'm glad you liked the game!

Could you add a campaign mode to the game with levels.  Each level could just be more people to save and faster water and lower dig power, and just keep progressing until the user can't save 75% of the people. The hardest level just doesn't have enough challenge, and I think the progressive difficulty with the rouge like fear of failure as things get harder would turn this into a real nail biter of an experience.

Awesome sauce.


The "Really  Hard" difficulty was actually easier than the hard level.  But I liked it!

Nice job. 

really loved it, a bit easy though

nano game. i loved.

good but too easy even at the hardest difficulty


yes for real, it's still a great game tough


It's much better once I understood that I need to hold down C instead of spamming it in spots where I want to mine, oops.


Awesome game. Super impressive work. Gonna snag the cart and figure out how you did this.


Impressive to get this done on pico8, and very hard is not impossible. Damn this is satisfying.


This game is strangely addicting.


Really cool and addictive! Well done!

honestly i love it i think this was a great entry and it was fun also i saw on the ludum dare website that people couldn't beat the hardest difficulty i dont know what they were talking about its pretty easy


Fun game!

I filled the whole thing with water

And then I killed everybody next game

ahah, yeah you can do that :D

This game is addictive great stuff!


very fun and creative, i think im addict to this thoug :p

I’m in love with this Game!

This is a very fun game! It has a nice retro artstyle. It's simple to learn and is enjoyable!

very nice game simple and fun!

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Neat game! The concept is simple but it’s very engaging! There’s a lot of strategy on how to dig into the cave and who to rescue first. I often got too focused on one side of the map only for me to realize that the other side is starting to flood and there were people suddenly in danger. It can get pretty hectic on higher difficulties! Overall, it was a great time! 

This is really cute! Easy to understand, some good replayability 😊 I ended up playing three rounds.

Great simulation, with a fun game built into it.

love it

Very good! - reminds me of the old Dan Ball Powder Game. Surprisingly nice to play with the keyboard instead of the mouse. :) This is a great wee game!

Really fun game! I had a very nice time playing it!