DeFacto is a game about building a large automated factory chain.

You must install miners to collect raw resources, transform them in furnaces, and combine them in factories.
The final goal is to send rockets full of robots and by doing so continue to explore the galaxy. DeFacto is heavily inspired by the game Factorio.

Controls :
The game can be played either with the mouse or keyboard

Keyboard :
C : Use selected tool/Interact with factories
V : Open tool selection panel/quit menu
enter : Open main menu (save, load, toggle music ...)

Mouse :
Left clic : Interact/Use selected tool
Right clic : Open tool selection panel/quit menu

To construct conveyor, inserter or bridge :
you have to keep pressing C/left clic and then enter the direction (arrow key or mouse motion) where the conveyor/inserter/bridge will put it's products
if you only press c/left clic without entering direction, it will place the conveyor, inserter or bridge along the last used orientation

To save your game, press enter and select save (button C)

Bridges can also be used to take and insert product, and are faster than inserters.

Starting tips :
- start by opening the tool panel (V/Right clic) and choosing the miner tool
- place the miner onto a raw resource field (C/Left clic), the miner will start filling
- open the tool panel and select the inserter tool
- place the inserter against the miner by pressing and holding C/left clic and then entering the direction where you want to put the products
- open the tool panel and select the selling station
- place the selling station at the end of the inserter
- if the inserter is oriented correctly, it will start moving resources collect by the miner to the selling station and you will start gaining money
- once you have a bit more money, start putting raw resources into furnaces, the resulting products will sell at higher prices
- the next step is to use factories, choose the recipe (C/Left clic on the factory) and insert the required input products to make more advanced ones

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(70 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Puzzle
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, 8-Bit, construction, Crafting, Demake, Non violent, PICO-8, Pixel Art
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Joystick


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Help, game suddenly doesn't have sound anymore for me


Hello, you may have accidentally pressed keys 'ctrl+m', it mute the sound, you can press it again to reactivate the sound

I tried it, nope. Even when the sound is "on" it doesn't play.

I have found out that the downloaded version has sound while the browser version doesn't, even though the tab's sound is opened on my firefox. browser issue?

how am i supposed to place launch pads

i can't place it in survival

Hello, launch pads cost 25 millions credits each, so you need to sell lots of high-priced components to the "seller" building to get enough money. Also when you setup a recipe it usually has a cost too that depends on the product

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How do you get the bridge to work?

Nvm figured it out

How do you get the furnaces to work?

use inserter


A lot of planning and thinking go into this game.  Really entertaining.

this looks like factorio mixed with terra tech

just saying this when i saw how this game works

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I love this game, but here's one quirk: You can have a full line of ore on a conveyor being directly sold, having 8 inserters extract from it which should deplete it because 8 inserted into it to make it full, but you can continue the line and get another 2 inserters extracting from it, and when you do that, all 10 inserters visually still extract, but instead of either your income staying the same or increasing, it decreases. I don't know if this is due to discrepancy between visuals and what's actually happening (some inserters operate at lower rate due to missing items that go past but dont look it), or inaccurate income meter, or both, or what.

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago
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I made a spreadsheet about an optimal factory that would use all the resources.
- "Ratio" columns can be ignored, they were used to calculate the actual rates.
- "Amount" means the rate of items per 1 in-game "duration".
- Factories > "%" column is the percentage of all the factories/mines of that type that are used for that product.
- Factories > "Fs/Row" is how many factories to put in each row, assuming you have only 1 belt of each ingredient feeding the row.
- The groups of table rows at the bottom are for totals for products (red and green circuits, chemical, and raw resources) that are made for multiple different things.
- I ignore furnaces and the difference between raw and smelted resources because 1 raw turns into 1 smelted and they are easily smelted adjacent to the mine, so it doesn't affect anything.

Some key results about an optimal factory:
- You can run 9 launchers constantly and one 65% of the time, which gives $14M per second.
- You have to use all the iron but can waste 19% of copper and 21% of oil.
- Factory requirements: 36 red > 33 chem > 31 green > 13 skin > 10 blue > 9 robot > 4 brain, = 136 total.
- Other stuff in spreadsheet not mentioned.


Thank you for all those research, it's not easy to figure out all the correct ratios. I don't quite remember all the details, but at the time I tried to balance all the 3 main ressources (iron, copper and oil) so it's great to see it worked. I don't think I managed to make a factory that efficient and it may be quite tricky (but hopefully doable) to fit everything into the limit space of the game. If you manage to do it, send me a screenshot!

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Thanks for the response, I think it should be possible to do. It's nice to know what was the basis for these values. Here's a map I've made of what the layout of factories would roughly look like. Factory amounts are accurate, although it's not showing how to save space.


Hello, inserters can take 1 item from a line per tick (4 frames) and a conveyor can store up to 8 items. There is however a system so that if several inserters are taking from same conveyor square or if the conveyor path continue beyond that square, they will take turn so as to not starve completely any supply path. So putting more than 8 inserters to take from the end of a path cannot extract more than 8 a second (as the conveyor bring only 8 per second anyway) but could potentially take less, because some inserters will be idle some ticks, waiting for items to be shared between others. This code is not very smart to be honest, it was just an easy way to share items among several paths. Bridge work the same but can take half the content of the conveyor (so up to 4 items per ticks if the conveyor is full) this is again so that items are spread between several paths, but two bridges at the end of a conveyor line should empty it I think.

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This game should be tagged factorio IMO. It’s pretty much a demake of it, with no biters.

Idled long enough to get 1T with a spaghetti factory but I lost the save and the screenshot I had. F

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I barely got one rocket going, and then I see the gif in the description, and I'm ashamed.

I like sandbox

It looks like a cool construction, great job!


Amazing game! takes a bit of time to figure out a setup with the ore placements. But once you figure it out, the enjoyment of the game is more than satisfactory.

I like this a ton (pun intended).   And darn it, I want to pause that GIF image to observe the set up better!  lol

This is insane. I cannot believe you managed to do this on PICO-8. Literal insanity.

Hey, is there a chance for fullscreen steam release with achievements? And without those black borders...


Please add a tutorial.


A certain Yahtzee Croshaw has a lot of explaining to do.




Have you ever heard of Factorio dude? He doesn't have any explaining to do.

What is that "boot-up" screen?

I have seen that and similar ones very often but I have no idea about what they are called or if I can find an example video that I can slow down and pause.

Thanks for any help! Great game!


Hello, that boot-up screen is coming from the Pico 8 fantasy console. It's a program to make small games at it's what I used to make DeFacto. You can find more games like that on the official website and even buy Pico 8 if you want to make games yourself.

The more you know.

really enjoyed playing! ended up building a really satisfying factory

Really fun!

Sadly the linux version doesnt work. I open the game click new game then click new world and it doesnt do anything...


Extremely good game! It reminds me of factorio and mindustry, but this is a more calm and casual experience! I'm only playing in the browser version but I have a few suggestions...
-You can't place things on top of deposits, which can be extremely limiting if you're making big conveyor systems. I would like to be able to place things on top of deposits, or have the ability to remove the deposits and replace it with ground.
-I would LOVE to have a save feature on the browser version. It sucks to know that your progress isn't going to get saved. It would also be easy to implement. Lots of browser games have save systems.
Overall; Great game! 8-9/10

Hi, thank you, I'm glad you like the game! I released this game two years ago so it's unlikely that I will work on it again. About the save system, it is available in the browser version as well! You can press enter and select "save", then if you close and open the game's page again you can select "load game" in the menu to reload you game. Be carefull as there is only one save available at a time and it is stored in your browser cache, so it will be deleted if you clear all your browser data. Have fun!

Thank you so much for your help! It's a shame that the you're not working on the game anymore, but I respect your decision. Hope that you'll keep making amazing games like this one!

Loved this!!

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Stuck on the start menu.
I even reinstalled the game completely (uninstall then reinstall), no change. I only managed to start it once.

[new map] [new sandbox] buttons have the same effect as clicking [ESC], and the [new map], [load map] buttons in the pause menu don't do anything.

Sad because I like it.

System : Windows 10 pro 64bits | Linux 64bits

do you just click or cycle with the arrows and confirm with enter?

As far as I can remember, both of the inputs had the problem... I changed systems twice since then, haven't tested on my new system yet.


Fun, kinda like a easier factorio. Finished it in one single playthrough (it means it's cool and fun)

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the game!


NuSan, I love all of your games, but know that I'm craving for a sequel for Fragments of Euclid. It made me an addict! I may even try to do a game with simmilar mechanics by myself.

Thanks for your kind words. I'm working on a sequel for FoE but it's not nearly finished. I encourage you to start working on a similar game, it's fun to play with those mechanics and there is so much to explore. Here is another game you may like to try: also there is Antichamber and soon (I hope) Magnifold Garden.

I already started trying to code something similar, and I think I know how to make the teleportation thing but I have absolutely no idea of how you did the many reflections thing that you can see in "The Tower". That really blew my mind. I mean, when you look at a door, you see what's in front of the other door. I mean, again, in the tower, instead of seeing a wall, you see what's in front of the exit door in the next floor. You'r game did that in a great way, so much that it feels real.

Gosh I have so many ideas!

And thank you for those recomendations! I really love these kinds of visual games, where you need to see the world in a different way in order for you to finnish them. I also recomend you the game, which is really interesting and has a very cool dark ambience. And also try . All of his games are really strange optical illusion things.

You got me curious so I looked at asset from Unity Store and there is quite some:

There is free ones like

This one seems really great (but not free) and can play on scale (spoiler for FoE episode 2 ...), and there is a demo only

Even if you don't use Unity, it can be great for learning. I saw video of Memory of a Broken Dimension but did not know it was out, I need to try it!

One more IMPORTANT thing; can I get the OST of Fragments of Euclid anywhere? I can't find it anywhere on the internet and I really, REALLY love it

You can find the OST, as well as other tracks, on this page from Legulysse, the creator of the sound track.
I will also add the OST to the page of FoE today.




I'm terrible with this kind of game, but it doesn't change the fact it's really nice !

Wow good work

Fantastic work! Being a huge Factorio fan this made me smile and entertained :) Thanks!

Wow, awesome game, I love it!