Dami and Flo are two workers on a delivery train. At each station, they have to take input packages at the bottom and store them somewhere in the wagon so they can be easily delivered at a future train stop.

There is a one player mode or a two player local splitscreen mode. You can choose your difficulty with "Timer" option and "Items" quantity option. You can also choose to have more than one wagon, but it can be very difficult especially if you are not playing with a friend.

Between stations, take your time to sort and store all the packages in the wagon. Clear the input area as fast as possible so new packages can be inserted at the next stop. Delivery requests for the next station are displayed at the top of the screen.

You can drop off requested items in the output area, they will be picked up automatically at the next station. You can stack items on the ground up to 5 items high and your character can carry up to 10 items at a time.


Player 1:

  • pick package: Z or C or N
  • drop package: X or V or M
  • move character: ARROW KEYS

Player 2:

  • pick package: LEFT SHIFT
  • drop package: TAB or W or Q or A
  • move character:  S+F+E+D

Open main menu: ENTER to se stats or toggle the music

You can also use a game controller

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, PICO-8, Relaxing, Trains


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I love the game but some of the stuff i don't know like this,   what is this???

Haha, yeah sometimes even I don't know! If you played the game "Wilmot's warehouse" it's similar and you often have to make your own explanation for items, just so you can decide how to order them :D

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Love this game, I played it more than 20 times confirmed with my sister lmao. Keep it up!!

One thing that would make the game better is to add more identifiable train stations, and maybe make the background change as we move by train [e.g. change to desert / winter landscape] Just a suggestion tho, tysm!

Thank you for your kind message! I'm glad you liked the game, your suggestion is good but I will probably not work on the game anymore as it was just a little idea I wanted to make


Very cool game, love the concept!


That soundtrack fits so perfectly!


Excellent! Games like this make me wish there was an option to do online multiplayer in Pico-8.

It also reminds me of Benjamin Soule's warehouse game (also on Pico-8), which I really enjoyed, despite the fact that it never really got fully developed or bugfixed.

Awesome game!