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Big thanks to all geniuses who post their projects, they are all beautiful

fun how this game is more active than your more recent ones, nusan

I think a mobile version could be fun.

Very fun game, thanks for making it! :D

This game is very fun

And as promised, i shall present to yall my newest design: The Octogon

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im using part of my outer lines tto move the axion from the bottom right to the top left. Sadly this concept is less compact as thy Box

wow that is so gorgeous! love the design and your "twisted" setup with crossing switch/accelerator is really cool and even if it's unconventional, you made the path looks pretty clear!

Which was just me trying to find a way to dump the elements into another sector, yet again its all thanks to the fact i can overlap pipes

yeah, I'm also glad that I got the idea that if a particle direction is mostly perpendicular to a pipe, they don't interact, so I didn't need to put a "bridge" type of pipe to cross an existing path, like you often get in games like that

does this have every particle created?

technically yes since you need them all to make the ultimion


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I used a couple of time the neat mechanic of the Chamber. the chamber is actually 3 tile tall, and if you pass stuff trough the tiles above and below the side entrace, they will actually align in the chamber. it work also in diagonal so yeah- for those who still play this, here my most compact design so far, along with some explainations!
(it make Ultimium btw.)

Edit: Oh you can see on the bottom left chamber, an electron getting aligned like what i said earlier!

i didnt noticed until i checked the pics. this technique also helps not have weird bumps in your loop

PS. you see the brakes beside the Electron spawners, theyre just my switch off, i move the spawner on them when i needed to work on a section

Thank you for sharing your BOX! It's pretty cool to see very creative ways of exploiting the mechanisms of the game, I knew that having relaxed rules around particle motion could lead to cool setups, and you delivered!

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It won't be the last one. Next would probably be a system that is the most hexagonal possible. BOX was originally susposed to be only loops that enter the square of the grid, and only Tubes could pass between the Squares outlines, it turned out to be the most compact ultimion maker i ever made

a 15 square Mechanism. 

(it wasnt susposed to be compact which is ironic).

BOX wouldn't have been possible without the Ability to overlap the elements constituing the Accelerator. It make the building neater and looking safer.

A good idea to what to add may be to add somesort of mix between the curved pipes and straight in the sizes of the Curves, basically the Straight will only be input while the curve will only curve towards the exit of the straight

Sorta like a backward Loop exit diverger but with differents sizes. maybe along the way the other sides for the divergers as well aka mergers

The game does not work for me.

Is the game only for 64 bit systems?

fucking amazing game


my particles are flinging themselves out of my accelerator at 1000m/s. I need them to be 1200m/s. this is an issue.

Could you please have a browser version

Or make a compatible version for Chrome OS (not the Linux mode though bc not everyone has the know-how to run a Linux program on Chrome OS)

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well sys76 makes linux laptops so        even people without knowledge of how to installm linux can use it 

cool game👍


Panzer VIII Maus time! 

also guys HAPPY 1 YEAR and 7 day!

I am really looking foard to your game!

also guys HAPPY 1 YEAR and 4 day!

I am really looking foard to your game!

More sound and a way to pause stuff please

and also this game is lit 

This game has 5 stars from me so that it can grow/evolve into something so awesome and scientifically accurate that learning about this stuff would be a breeze.

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Every element from Electron to Ultimion are in this thing, with each 1 of every kind.

Sometimes i ask what i do

I just made a Graviton lamp I guess. Really satisfying game btw

the game is usually fun to play but i have minus point i have to mention

1- The game should be able to be windowed, and not fullscreen without a way to change it

2- its lag when reaching 190 particulles, probably bc of my shitty pc.


More element/Building blocks

maybe make the Ultimion rainbow (Change from red to Purple and etc.) so its would more fitting for its Ultimate Particule thing.

make the freeplay maybe endless instead?

very well thought out and interesting game

I made an optimized full process that can generate Ultimion and store in a speed-preserved confinement


Very nice and compact design! Thank you for sharing!

i find it interresting, clean design probably as some colision issues, but i dont think its smaller than my box, from what i estimate Yuenan Design is 3.1 square high (because of the bottom circuit) and 5.5 wide

The Box was a perfect 3x5, but alrought neat design Yuenan

Circuit i made very quickly as a draft, i call it wackium trap cause all the wackium ends up on the very same collision chamber loop that made them

i like it a loot

is there gonna be more to this?

This is incredibly fun!

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It was so much fun! I would definitely play version with more missions.

Some thoughts I had during playthrough:

  • Ability to move more than 1 element at a time could really improve gameplay
  • Menu hiding everytime I scroll out was a bit annoying
  • After some time with huge amount of particles, electron guns start to work slower and slower

Here is my circuit. It is really pleasing to see loops design become more efficient overtime :)

But It's not really clean circuit haha :D

i see everyone had the hadron problem, i think a 50/50 go through would be nice

I really enjoyed this.


I love the game but would like some more objectives beyond creating particles. Maybe some supply demand system where you have to deliver certain particles.


Really relaxing, amazing game!


I think it could get some optimisation. When creating ultimion, I end up with so many particles that my fps suddenly drop to 1 after a minute.


I uhhh.... did a thing. I need a life...


Ahah, awesome construction, very clean, thank you for sharing it!

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No Problem! Though I wish there were more particles to make, but overall 10/10


I see I'm not the only one to have all my particles constantly inside the circuits.


its not safe if they're on the outside. Safety is my #1 priority... jk it's looks


pretty cool ! but maybe add the option to stop the game and view the particles. (speed and name) that would make it easier

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Had fun playing this game! It was kinda relaxing tbh